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shiseido art egg vol.6

Since it opened in 1919, the Shiseido Gallery has consistently promoted an agenda of corporate ideals that includes “the discovery and creation of new value.” The “shiseido art egg” is a series of public exhibitions that open the doors of the gallery to offer up-and-coming new artists opportunities to show their work, an effort that marks a return to the company's original “mecenat” efforts (activities supporting art and culture). This is the sixth year of this program.
For this year, the Shiseido Gallery received 314 applications from all over Japan.
Among them, the Gallery is pleased to welcome three talented groups of new artists―“three”, Yusuke Kamata and Saya Irie―who will be exhibiting in solo shows in the Shiseido Gallery (please access here for further details.)
We hope you enjoy the three different worlds of artistic expression presented by these artists at the forefront of a next generation.

“three” exhibition: January 6th (Fri) until January 29th (Sun) 2012

  • “Tokyo Surge” 2010

“three” is an artist unit of three artists. They produce unique works expressing contemporary society seen through their eyes using readymade items such as tiny soy sauce containers attached to bento lunch boxes, animation figures and snacks, collecting these items in countless numbers.
In this exhibition, they unfold a transcending work by exhibiting a work in which approximately 50 thousand transparent soy sauce containers are fixed on a gently flowing wall surface, on which footage of the bustling city of Tokyo is projected as images representing the city and crowds, and having viewers intervene in an object made from around 7 thousand candies.
While using material appearing light and pop at first sight, the “present” captured by the artists through the recent series of changes such as the great earthquake is highlighted.

1986 Born in Fukushima, Japan
2009 Form “three”

Yusuke Kamata exhibition: February 3th (Fri) until February 26th (Sun) 2012

  • “After the Destruction” 2011
    Courtesy Kodama Gallery

Yusuke Kamata develops installations that produce perceptual distortion by dismantling the three dimensional real world, reorganizing it into a two dimensional world, and organizing a three dimensional world again.
In this exhibition, he connects multiple frames, each with different (distorted) perspectives, across Shiseido Gallery's space in various directions.
By scattering vanishing points, he creates a space that enables viewers to experience multidimensional distortions and attempts to create a spatial perception that differs from the everyday.

1984 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
2011 Enrolled in Master Course for Intermedia Art within Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts

Saya Irie exhibition: March 2th (Fri) until March 25th (Sun) 2012

  • “Kannondust” 2010
  • Photo by Yoshihiko Shikada

Saya Irie is an artist who produces works focusing on various meanings and essences―origins, characteristics of materials, sentiments contained in designs (patterns)―embedded in commodities abundant in the world and images. In this exhibition, she develops installations from daily commodities under the theme of finding trivial happiness that makes life fulfilling.
Examples of her works include the following: small meticulous objects made from erasing the surface of commodities (visual information) by an eraser and reducing the original visual information into three dimension (sculpture) from the eraser dust, a dinosaur sculpted on the rubber sole of boots, a venus born from makeup foundation. A trivial happiness emerges from such items familiar to us.

1983 Born in Okayama, Japan
2009 Completed the Master Course within the Graduate School of Arts at the Hiroshima City University

shiseido art egg prize

Following the completion of these solo exhibitions, a three-member committee will select one of these groups of artists to receive the “shiseido art egg prize.” This year's judges are Yasuko Iba (painter), Kosuke Tsumura (fashion designer), and Keiichiro Hirano (writer). The winner will be announced in late April 2012 on the Shiseido Gallery website. Please access for the results.


The catalogue for “shiseido art egg 6” will be published after the exhibition in May 2012. Please contact Shiseido Gallery for details.

shiseido art egg 6 Exhibition Schedule

“three”: January 6th (Fri) until January 29th (Sun) 2012
Yusuke Kamata: February 3th (Fri) until February 26th (Sun) 2012
Saya Irie: March 2th (Fri) until March 25th (Sun) 2012

Hours: Weekdays 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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Closed on Mondays (Closed when a National Holiday is a Monday)
Admission: Free
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8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061
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