Exhibition Schedule

Moving Plants Koichi Watanabe Exhibition


January 13(Sat) — March 25(Sun)

We hold an exhibition by Koichi Watanabe, a photographer who continues to take pictures of the plant “Itadori” known from medicinal herbs and food materials since ancient times. This plant has a strong vitality and spread to all over the world with the fact that it was brought out from Japan to Europe for gardening by Siebold about 200 years ago. Please appreciate the natural organic beauty and immeasurable vitality of the “Itadori” that Watanabe was fascinated with.

Shuta Hasunuma Exhibition


April 6 (Fri) — June 3(Sun)

A solo exhibition by Shuta Hasunuma who is active as a composer, producer, musician, singer, and artist. Making use of music and sound as a universal language, he adds visual elements to it to communicate with the audience through this exhibition.

“shiseido art egg 12” Exhibition


Yuma Tomiyasu June 8(Fri) — July 1(Sun)

Koichi Sato July 6(Fri) — July 29(Sun)

Hanae Utamura August 3(Fri) — August 26(Sun)

Shiseido Gallery has been promoting its activities for nearly a century based on the notion of “discovering and creating new aesthetics”. Shiseido art egg is an open call program that opens its doors to promising new artists. For this year›s 12th shiseido art egg, three artists will hold a solo exhibition. They will be selected among 350 applications nationwide.

“Going beyond and participating in beauty: Shinzo Fukuhara’s aesthetics
Shinzo Fukuhara / ASSEMBLE, THE EUGENE Studio”


Part 1: October 19th(Fri)ーDecember 26th (Wed), 2018;
Part 2: January 16th (Fri), 2019ーMarch 17th (Sun), 2019