Exhibition Schedule

“Taste of Reminiscence, Delicacies from Nature: Ayako Suwa Exhibition”


January 18 (Sat) — March 22 (Sun), 2020

Shiseido Gallery will hold a solo exhibition by Ayako Suwa titled “Taste of Reminiscence, Delicacies from Nature” from Saturday, January 18 to Sunday, March 22, 2020. Suwa is an internationally renowned food artist who treats “food” as a medium of expression that appeals to our intuitive and unconscious senses, and seeks to bring new questions and discoveries to those who experience her works.

“shiseido art egg 14” Exhibition


First period April 3 (Fri) — April 26 (Sun), 2020(tentative)

Second period May 8 (Fri) — May 31 (Sun), 2020(tentative)

Third period June 5 (Fri) — June 8 (Sun), 2020(tentative)

Shiseido Gallery has been promoting its activities for almost a century based on the notion of “discovering and creating new aesthetics”. Shiseido art egg is an open call program that opens its doors to promising new artists. For this year’s 14th shiseido art egg, three artists will hold a solo exhibition. They will be selected among 215 applications nationwide.

“Group Show by Womens Photographers” (tentative)


July to September, 2020

Shiseido Gallery, where has been continuously introducing female artists, will have a group show in the summer of 2020 by female photographers who pursue their creative expression.

“The Eighth Tsubaki-kai”


October to December 2020

The Tsubaki-kai artists' exhibition group was created in 1947 to mark the post-war reopening of the Shiseido Gallery. This year, a new group will come together to start the Eighth Tsubaki-kai. Exhibitions will begin this year and continue over the course of the next three years.