Exhibition Schedule

Granby Workshop : The Rules of Production
Art Changes the Everyday—Shinzo Fukuhara’s Aesthetics
Shinzo Fukuhara/ASSEMBLE, THE EUGENE Studio Ⅱ


January 16th (Wed), 2019 — March 17th (Sun), 2019

As the 2nd part of the exhibition “Going beyond and participating in beauty: Shinzo Fukuhara’s aesthetics Shinzo Fukuhara / ASSEMBLE, THE EUGENE Studio,” ASSEMBLE, the UK architectural collective who are presenting society's creative activities of today and a new way of art in the field of art, design, architecture, will develop a Granby workshop in the Shiseido Gallery, practicing in cooperation with local residents in Liverpool.



April 3rd (Wed) — June 23th(Sun), 2019.

Yu Araki (b.1985, Japan) is a video artist who won the Tiger Award for “Mountain Plain Mountain” in the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2018, and shortlisted for the Future Generation Art Prize sponsored by PintuckArtCentre in Kyiv. He is going to present the newest film works in this exhibition.

“shiseido art egg 13” Exhibition


Fumi Imamura Exhibition July 5 (Fri) — July 28 (Sun), 2019
Kiyono Kobayashi Exhibition August 2 (Fri) — August 25 (Sun), 2019
Kaori Endo Exhibition August 30 (Fri) — September 22 (Sun), 2019

Shiseido Gallery has been promoting its activities for a century based on the notion of “discovering and creating new aesthetics”. Shiseido art egg is an open call program that opens its doors to promising new artists. For this year’s 13th shiseido art egg, three artists will hold a solo exhibition. They will be selected among 269 applications nationwide.

Surface and Custom
Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda, Sara Deraedt, Pierre Leguillon, Klara Lidén, Carissa Rodriguez,Yuji Takeoka


October 18 (Fri) to December 22 (Sun), 2019

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Shiseido Gallery, we invite Berlin-based conceptual artists Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda to select artists for this exhibition.

In their mid-career survey exhibition “Auratic Narrative” held in Kölnischer Kunstverein from April to June, the 20-year career of Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda were showcased with a slide show “Moulting”, where graphics from Shiseido’s printed materials (1923-1959) were used. In this exhibition, we will display works of artists selected by Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda along with the “Moulting”.