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shiseido art egg 3

Returning to the starting point of Shiseido's Mecenat efforts to support up-and-coming artists, the wide expanse of the gallery is thrown open for the public art exhibition "shiseido art egg."
This year saw 321 applicants from all across Japan. Among the applicants for this, the third exhibition to be held in the series, those standing out presented fascinating plans aimed at ambitiously interpreting the spaces of the Shiseido Gallery and judging became even more difficult than it already has been.
From those applications, however, there were plans presented that made the judges want to see them come to fruition, which led to three artists seen as being capable of realizing their plans — Aiko Miyanaga, Kanako Sasaki and Kouseki Ono — being selected.
Shiseido Gallery will hold exhibitions of the three selected artists' works according to the details outlined below.
Please peruse the different worlds of the three artists.

Aiko Miyanaga January 9 (Fri) - February 1 (Sun), 2009

  • "Nagi no todoku asa"
  • (A morning calm comes) (partial)
  • 2008

Aiko Miyanaga creates works that use naphthalene cast into the shape of everyday items such as clothes and shoes, while also producing other compositions of crystals nurtured from salt extracted from rivers or the sea that sublimate and gradually lose their form. Her works convey an image of the passage of time as their forms slowly disintegrate, leaving a deep impression on the memories of those who view them.
For this exhibition, she has set her focus on the more than 50 wells or springs that were once located in Ginza and surrounding areas. She creates several waterways within the gallery to lay out an installation that calls to mind the history and memories of the area.

Aiko Miyanaga

Born in Kyoto
MFA. Tokyo University of the Arts
(Major in inter media art)

Kanako Sasaki February 6 (Fri) - March 1 (Sun), 2009

  • Okinawa Ark (Tentative title)
  • 2008

Kanako Sasaki makes herself the subject of her work in a series of self-portraits forcing observers to imagine a story for each piece through projects like putting herself in places where historical events (incidents) had actually occurred to express such things as historical fact as her own reality. By "experiencing" and "sensing," her photographic and video works invoke such things as memories of places, memories of people and history.

Her exhibition this time will be based on the motif of the Okinawa Village in Bolivia, where she will use video footage to express the historical facts of such events as war and immigration, not as happenings from a distantly remote past, but as a story of the "now" that is close to us.

Kanako Sasaki

Born in Miyagi
MFA. School of Visual Arts in New York
(Major in photo, video and related media)

Kouseki Ono March 6 (Fri) - March 29 (Sun), 2009

  • "Furukikoro,Tsuki ha Minamo no Iro wo Kaeta"
  • (Those days,the moon changed the color of
  • the water surface.) (Tentative title) (partial)
  • 2008

Kouseki Ono produces works using screen-printing print techniques to make orderly, aligned, tiny dots, and by over-printing more than 100 times using several different-colored inks, creates a layer of ink like stalagmites that optically change depending on the position of the observer.
In this exhibition, he presents a work conveying the image of tranquil "lake" with the moonlight shining down on it. Rippling hues continuously changing the expression spread out over an entire floor of the gallery.

Kouseki Ono

Born in Okayama
MFA. Tokyo University of the Arts
Major in print making)

shiseido art egg award

Following the completion of these solo exhibitions, a three-member review panel will select one of these artists to receive the "shiseido art egg award." This year's judges are Miyako Ishiuchi (photographer), Wakiro Sumi (sculptor) and Kenichiro Mogi (neuroscientist, Senior Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc.). The announcement will be made on this Shiseido Gallery website in late April, 2009.

Exhibition Details for shiseido art egg 3

Aiko Miyanaga January 9 (Fri) - February 1 (Sun), 2009
Kanako Sasaki February 6 (Fri) - March 1 (Sun), 2009
Kouseki Ono March 6 (Fri) - March 29 (Sun), 2009
Location: Shiseido Gallery
Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building, B1
8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Tel: 03-3572-3901 Fax: 03-3572-3951
Hours: Weekdays 11:00 - 19:00
Sunday & Holidays 11:00 - 18:00
Closed Mondays
Admission: Free
Organized by: SHISEIDO CO., LTD.

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