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Past Special Exhibition 2018

Masterpieces from the Shiseido Art House Collection
Celebrating 40 Years of the Shiseido Art House — Part 2: Western Paintings, Contemporary Art, Ceramics, Metalwork & Glass —

January 16 (Tue) through April 1 (Sun), 2018

The Shiseido Art House opened in November 1978 in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and ever since it has served as a regional art museum through well over 100 exhibitions.

The exhibition, “Masterpieces from the Shiseido Art House — Part 2” has continued the celebration of our 40th anniversary. It included approximately 80 works from genres including Western paintings, ceramics, glass, metalwork and contemporary art, many of which originated with Shiseido’s “Tsubakikai Art Exhibitions,” has held intermittently since 1947, or its “Exhibition of Modern Industrial Arts,” a series that had run between 1975 and 1995.

Shiseido’s products and Shiseido’s corporate culture are inseparable, and understanding and appreciation toward art is an important pillar supporting both. The Art House embodies this Shiseido spirit, and the Shiseido corporate philosophy of “creating beautiful life culture,” in the form of an active art museum. Forty years is a long enough time for many of those who witnessed the birth of the Art House and came to visit it over the years to have now brought up a whole new generation. We must reflect upon what we have done during that time, and ask ourselves, what do we hope to achieve in the future?

We hope this modest museum and its activities will have left some presence in those who’ve encountered it, and this presence will continue to blossom in their minds and bodies, illuminating a path leading to nobility and happiness.