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Factory is a wonderland!

Merry-go-round and roller coaster... an amusement park? Let’s go explore a cosmetic factory!

Amazing Numbers in the Kuki Factory

More than 250 million TSUBAKI bottles have been shipped in total since its release in 2006.

Kuki Factory, which handles toiletry products such as shampoo, produces approximately 400 types of products including TSUBAKI.

The number of products produced per year is as many as approximately 330 million pieces.

The site area of Kuki Factory is more than twice the size of Tokyo Dome.

The mission of the factory is to deliver high quality products to each and every customer.
In order to achieve this, it continues to produce products 24 hours a day,
365 days a year while focusing on the speed and accuracy/safety.

Devoted to Both Quality and the Earth

Shiseido is actively engaged in a cradle-to-cradle manufacturing; we cultivate camellia trees, harvest them to manufacture our products, and a portion of the sales supports environmental activities.
The fruit of the camellia tree planting and conservation effort on the Goto islands in Nagasaki, the natural camellia oil is formulated in our TSUBAKI products.


At Kuki Factory, Shiseido is proactively engaged in various initiatives to reduce the load on the environment. The cornerstones of the initiatives include the efficient use of energy via zero-power consumption solar lighting, and the achievement of zero emission through reusing or recycling of the entire waste. Shiseido became the first in the cosmetic industry to be ISO 14001-certified in Japan.


A factory devoted to both the product quality and the environment defines the Shiseido approach.

Shiseido's Environmental Activities