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New Emulsification Technology
Inspired by lced Coffee

Emulsification technology is crucial in producing cosmetics.
A new technology was created from an unexpected inspiration.

Summary of this Technology

Emulsion is vital in skincare. It’s made by the "emulsification" of liquids. "Emulsification" refers to two immiscible liquids, such as water and oil, mixing with each other.
In order to emulsify, the two liquids need to be heated, and in the past, this required the use of a lot of thermal energy. However, we have developed an entirely new method of "making a small amount of thick emulsion first and slowly thinning it down afterwards", inspired by the way in which iced coffee is made. By using this method, we have succeeded in drastically reducing the thermal energy consumption. Research is continuing in order to apply this "low-energy emulsification" to various other cosmetics.

The challenges to realization

No matter how well the experiments succeed, the technology must be useable in mass production. Otherwise, the products won’t reach the customers.
The first cosmetic product using this emulsification method took as long as one year before mass production. Meetings are repeated over and over to determine whether we can manufacture the products with the existing facilities in the factory.
Moreover, only about 1% of the ideas of many researchers become realized.
Emulsion for body use made with the "low-energy emulsification method"

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