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Cosmetics, from the ultimate clean plant

The cosmetics that come into direct contact with your skin come from plants with strict hygiene management standards.

The air shower as a daily routine

In creating cosmetics that come into direct contact with your skin, we maintain the most stringent hygiene management standards for our plants. Before entering the production area, our staff must change into work wear, and follow the set entry procedure.

Clothing decontamination:
A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment is used to remove hair, lint and dust on clothing.
Hand washing:
The palm, back of the hand and the area between fingers are thoroughly cleaned with soap.
Air shower:
Air is rapidly cycled through a sealed area to remove even tiny dust particles.

The clean room, the pinnacle of hygiene

The production area is home to the "clean room", which meets especially strict hygiene standards. This is where products such as cosmetics for sensitive skin are manufactured.
Products are manufactured under particularly stringent hygiene management, including measures such as adjustment to the air pressure to prevent influx of outside air and use of facilities with high-performance filters.

Use of special clothing inside the clean room

In order to enter the clean room, workers must change into a specially designed and treated antibacterial suit.
The suit uses dust-repelling material, and is in a single piece from head to ankle. The wrists and ankles of the suit are lined with a 2-layered structure that completely partitions air flow between the inside and outside of the suit."Shoes are also changed, to a fully waterproofed footwear, and gloves and masks are worn.
This strict level of hygiene is upheld 24/7. We allow ourselves no compromise in delivering safe products to our customers.

The slow-moving production line

A common sight at Shiseido plants are production lines that move at relatively slow speed.
This is for the final, careful inspection performed by the experienced human eye.
The slow-moving production line is one of our mechanisms that prioritize safety over production efficiency.