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Beauty Worldwide

Beauty information unveiled by our global customer research.

Different country, different beauty

Here at Shiseido, we have a department devoted to global customer research, working daily to study our customers around the world.
Let’s look at the different beauty regimens that exist throughout the world – awareness of skin conditions and beauty care, color and fragrance preferences, based on the results of our global customer survey, conducted in 12 regions.
In this first installment, we take a comparative look at beauty regimens in Japan and Europe.

For Italians, it’s all about the eyes

With their comparatively large and expressive eyes, many Italians devote their energies to eye makeup.
Unlike the Japanese, who are intent on skin lightening, Italians prefer the sun-kissed look, and tend to spend more time on makeup than skin care.
Italian eyes, widely admired by the Japanese. Japanese skin, so envied by Italians.
It seems that what women in each country focus on in their beauty regimen is a well-known national attraction.

Japan and Europe:What changes along with the water?

It almost goes without saying that water is an indispensable part of Japanese skin care. In Europe however, using water to care for the skin may not be as standard as we may think in Japan.
A survey of cleansing methods shows that Japanese people overwhelmingly use water for twice-a-day cleansing of the face, perhaps because Japan has always been blessed with a wealth of water. On the other hand, a surprising number of Europeans use waterless, “wipe-off” cleansing.
A parallel can be found in cooking, with Europeans sautéing and using wine rather than water for stewing, while Japanese cooking has a number of water-cooked dishes.
Water has a multitude of effects on the culture, including its beauty regimen.

Surprising facts revealed by the data

Areas considered important for makeupThe difference in Japanese and European face-cleansing methods