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Shiseido Life Quality Makeup

We at Shiseido support all persons with concerns about their appearance through makeup solutions that provide the freedom to enjoy day-to-day life.

What is Shiseido Life Quality Makeup?

There are those who suffer from serious skin concerns that prevent them from social participation and who need makeup to live their day-to-day lives. Changes in outward appearance due to the side effects of cancer treatment, birthmarks, vitiligo, or skin irregularities such as scars and burns can greatly affect one’s quality of life. We at Shiseido believe in the power of makeup to comfort and encourage such persons, and we’re hard at work developing makeup products and methods to treat their concerns. We call it: Shiseido Life Quality Makeup.

Active Regions

Shiseido Life Quality Makeup is expanding globally, with the aim of a society in which all persons with concerns about their appearance can live happily.

  • Tokyo
  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore (soon)

Social Activities

The Power of Makeup

Shiseido supports the activities to realize a society where people can live life in their own way even with cancer. We look to the future where everyone, with or without cancer, can spend their days filled with joy.

Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center Website (target_blank)
The Power of Makeup

Perfect Cover Foundation

Perfect Cover Foundation developed by Shiseido covers various skin concerns including blueish, reddish, or brownish discoloration, severe skin dullness due to treatment, unevenness and vitiligo. Thanks to technical development, Perfect Cover Foundation is now easily available on Shiseido total beauty website “watashi+”(Japanese only).

Click here to see Perfect Cover products(target_blank)

*The captions are in Japanese.

Perfect Cover Foundation

Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center

A unique facility specialized in Shiseido's cover makeup. We offer a private room so that our customers can receive counseling at ease. We provide the service free of charge, by appointment only.

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Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center

For Cancer Patients
Booklet Supporting Appearance Care

We made a booklet to suggest makeup techniques to cover appearance changes caused by the side effects of cancer treatment. “Appearance Care Book for Cancer Patients” was published to support cancer patients who want to be themselves every day of their lives.

Click here to download digital books* for male and female users(target_blank)

*English version is available for the for-female digital book.

For Cancer Patients Booklet Supporting Appearance Care

Information Service for Medical Professionals

We supply medical professionals with information on Shiseido’s appearance care services so that they can introduce such services to patients who suffer from skin discoloration or eyebrow and eyelash loss caused by the side effects of cancer treatment.

Information Service for Medical Professionals

History of Our Activities

Shiseido’s appearance care activities started in 1956, when there were many people who had suffered serious burns from World War II.
Shiseido Spots Cover was launched with the aspiration to do something only Shiseido can do to relieve the heartache of those people distressed by keloid scars. Then Shiseido launched Perfect Cover, a foundation that naturally covers various skin concerns including birthmarks, scars, and burn scars applying the light technology (complementary colors). It has led to our activities today. Shiseido, since its establishment, has been continuing research and information development on cosmetics aiming not only to help bring out individual consumers’ beauty but also to enrich their mind.

History of Our Activities History of Our Activities

For all who need it

There are men, as well as women, who have appearance concerns saying, “I can’t smile,” or “I don’t want to go outside for people to see me.” We wish everyone, regardless of age or gender, could cover their skin concerns to spend their days just as they like.

We are extending Shiseido Life Quality Makeup activities to deliver our beauty service to people of all generations across the world who need it. Shiseido’s activities will go on to inspire more people to take a step forward supported by the “power of makeup.”

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