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Details of Activities

Beauty Lessons

In April and May of 2017, "Beauty Lesson (Fresher's Course)" was provided as part of the training for the new recruits of JAPAN POST Co., Ltd. About 4,400 employees who joined the company in 2017 received a practical lesson on how to maintain an appearance appropriate for a JAPAN POST employee.

Seminars for women taught the importance of first impressions, skincare, base makeup, and point makeup, and seminars for men taught how to check their appearance, skincare, body care, hairstyling, how to shape eyebrows, and good facial expressions. Both seminars included practical training.

Female participants gave feedback, such as "It was a good experience because I have learned the basics of makeup techniques and skincare for working professionals. I would like to utilize what I have learned in today's lesson for my daily life" and "I will provide service to many customers as a working professional. So I will focus on makeup as a part of good manners, not for the sake of fashion."

Male participants gave feedback, such as "I understood that skincare for men is also necessary to give customers a good impression" and "I have learned the proper use of a wide variety of products. I have to be aware that my job receives a lot of attention, and I will do my best to look appropriate."

The lecturers also gave feedback, such as "I could see that all the participants were enthusiastic and enjoyed the seminar from their facial expressions, and many of the participants said that they would take this opportunity to groom themselves every day" and "Many of the participants fully understood maintaining their appearance with customers in mind is important and they practiced while suggesting hairstyles that give a favorable impression to customers."

Through cosmetics and beauty care, Shiseido will continue to support new recruits so that they can be more active in the future.

Seminars for Women

Seminars for Women

Seminars for Men

Seminars for Men

Initiatives for the Elderly

Initiatives in Japan

Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. holds "Beauty Classes for a Healthy Life" throughout the country at the request of medical institutions, care facilities, and local governments. Every year, about 35,000 elderly people take part.
On Saturday, June 3, 2017, in the "Oral Health Week" project (organized by the Yamaga City Dental Association) held at Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, we organized a beauty class for the healthy life of local elderly people, in which 15 females participated.
The participants answered a questionnaire after the class. One participant said that recently she didn't want to go outside wearing makeup, but the cosmetic therapy made her happy and she went to a shop, a little far from home, after a long interval.

Beauty Classe for a Healthy Life

Beauty Class for a Healthy Life

In addition, to train future cosmetic therapists, we held Cosmetic Therapy Lessons for people working in the medical/care industry and citizens. About 2,800 people received cosmetic therapy lessons last year.
In June and July of 2017, we provided a "Cosmetic therapy lesson" as part of Tokai College of Dental Technology curriculum, in which over 20 students, future dental mechanics, participated.
They were first confused because the seminar was different from regular lessons. However, as they practiced, they began to smile and talk. At the end of the lesson, they said with a smile that it was comfortable and fun.

Cosmetic Therapy Lesson

Cosmetic Therapy Lesson

Through cosmetics and beauty care, Shiseido will help the elderly live longer and healthier.

Overseas Initiatives in Taiwan

Since 2009, Taiwan Shiseido Co., Ltd. has been actively holding “Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminars” as one of the pillars of its social contribution activities. In 2016, we started a “Cosmetic Therapy Program,” and in 2017, we provided it 40 times all across Taiwan.
In Taiwan, in collaboration with local governments, we provided practical skincare and makeup lessons to elderly people at public facilities. We received positive feedback from many of the participants, such as “It was very fun,” “It has cheered me up,” and “I can move more actively now.” Furthermore, one participant of the program, who suffered from dementia, started to show their natural facial expression and smile again.
Taiwan Shiseido will continue to contribute to the health and beauty of Taiwanese people by improving the quality of these activities and regularly providing Cosmetic Therapy.

Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminar in Taiwan
Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminar in Taiwan

Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminar in Taiwan

Social Contribution Activity Appearance Maintenance Class

As requested by schools for special needs education and employment support centers for people with disabilities, Shiseido Japan provides “Appearance Maintenance Classes” for people and adolescents with disabilities at nursing homes around Japan, which are attended by about 7,000 people every year.

In 2017, 28 “Appearance Maintenance Classes” were provided to people with visual disabilities.
Between July and November of 2017, we provided "Appearance Maintenance Classes" at five locations, Kyoto, Kobe, Kagawa, Fukuoka, and Kagoshima, at the request of the Japan Federation of the Blind.
The participants practiced and enjoyed applying skincare and makeup to themselves while listening to the facilitator's instructions. They sometimes felt the activities to be difficult. However, when they finished applying the makeup, their face lit up with pleasure as they realized the "power of makeup."

The participants gave feedback, such as "All the steps were orally explained in detail, and I was also given clues for success," "We could practice how to handle eyeshadow tips and sponges before actually using color," and "I understood how I should use non-dominant hand to clearly draw a line within an area."

Social Contribution Activity

Social Contribution Activity

In 1984, Shiseido created beauty care materials to support people with visual disabilities, including beauty textbooks in braille, stickers in braille/India ink for identifying products, and stickers for usage reference. Since 1987, we have been making the beauty information CD "Osharena Hitotoki (Stylish Moments)" four times a year and have donated them to about 80 braille libraries across the country. Since 2002, the Shiseido website has been offering "Shiseido Listeners’ Café," which has voice software to explain how to use cosmetics. The website also contains the latest issue of "Osharena Hitotoki."
Shiseido helps people with disabilities learn how to apply makeup and groom themselves through these activities.

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