Ayura handmade soap workshop (Natori-city)

AYURA Laboratories Inc.

The AYURA Laboratories Inc. held the 2nd ”Ayura handmade soap workshop” in Miyagi.
We held the event in 3 venues, borrowing the community hall for temporary housing and homes of affected people, in which 39 people participated, over 2 days.
Not only women but also families participated in the event, including men and children. Everyone was selecting soap fragrances and colors while enjoying conversations with each other.
Colorful and lovely-shaped soaps were made. It was impressive to see the participants happily talking and exchanging soaps with people around them, saying ”They are too nice to use” and ”They smell so nice, so I want to use them as decorations in the room for a while,” etc. We were also given smiles and lively spirits from the participants over the 2 days. Thank you, everyone.