Ayura handmade soap workshop (Miyako-city)

AYURA Laboratories Inc.

In addition to the activities called ”healing music and massage” that have continued from last year as a part of reconstruction support activities, AYURA Laboratories Co., Ltd., newly conducted a workshop of ”handmade soap” in the city of Miyako.
As for the previous activities, we only had female participants; however, this time we welcomed both female and male participants including local kids. After the workshop, we received many positive feedback from the participants as follows:
”It was fun, just like a cooking class.”
”Lovely smell. It's too good to use it but I am looking forward to using it.”
”I was so impressed when a transparent soap came out from the mold after drying.”
”It was far better than I expected. I am very much satisfied with the result.”
We were all happy to hear those good comments.