Cheer up Iwate Beauty Services (Rikuzen-takata-city)

Tohoku Branch Office

On November 21, at the temporary housing built on the ground of Takata Daiichi Junior High School in Rikuzen-takata-city, we provided skin care, makeup and hand massage services.
”We have been looking forward to welcoming you today.” The people who greeted us on the day said with bright, cheerful smiles.
When we served them with hot towels after the massage, one of the participants said ”Oh, I feel so good. I should do proper treatment.” and to my surprise, she asked me to write down all the product names we used on that day.
Although we were the ones served the residents, they warmed up, prepare and cleared up the venue and we felt as if we were entertained.
At the end, we took commemorative photos, and left the place after farewell handshake and hug.
It was the day we received courage. Thank you very much!