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Basic Policy Regarding Personnel Affairs

Shiseido Group denotes its policy under "With Employees" and "With Society and the Earth" in Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics and adopts the policy in all subsidiaries and business sites globally.

Based on these basic policies, Shiseido and its Group companies in Japan individually establish personnel affairs regulations, including employment regulations, in accordance with domestic laws and regulations, and apply these to the contracts of all directly employed personnel, including fixed-term employees. As for the establishment and revision of personnel affairs regulations, it is fundamental for Shiseido to develop content that exceeds legal requirements, and the Company is reporting relevant matters to administrative authorities upon receiving confirmation and approval from labor unions or the majority of employee representatives. In this respect, Shiseido will continue complying with the law.

Since 2015, aiming to “strengthen the Company through human efforts and create an organization that overcomes competitors,” we have established BIG WIN 5 as action guidelines for Shiseido Group employees and have engaged in actions to reform our human resource activities as well as to cultivate talent that constantly takes on challenges and creates new consumer values.

As from 2018, we are globally working on beauty innovation, in the belief that beauty has the power to change the world, in order to accelerate the growth in the latter three years toward the accomplishment of VISION 2020.

To encourage further growth, our global leadership team established new VISION 2020 working principles named TRUST 8, as the global common action guidelines for Shiseido Group employees.

Sharing TRUST 8 as our common language and based on these principles, we will aim to be the world’s most trusted beauty company, where all employees do the right thing and build trustful relationships with stakeholders inside and outside the company.


working principles named “TRUST 8”

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