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Diversity and Inclusion

Shiseido declares the following in "With Employees" in Our Way which defines the actions that must be taken and shared by each and every employee of the Shiseido Group.

1. We respect the character and individuality of everyone in the work place, in all their diversity, and strive to develop and grow together.

  1. (1) We never engage in or tolerate discrimination on any basis including, but not limited to, race, color, gender, age, language, property, nationality or national origin, religion, ethnic or social origin, political or other opinion, disability, health status and sexual orientation, nor do we engage in or tolerate moral harassment, including sexual harassment and abuse of power.
  2. (2) We work together with our co-workers to fulfill our potential in our jobs.
  3. (3) We strive to maintain a dialogue with our co-workers, and are committed to their growth as well as our own.
  4. (4) We strive to conduct fair evaluations.

We promote diversity by activities mainly focused on "women" who account for 90% of Shiseido Group’s consumers and 80% of employees, as well as by creating an environment and organizational climate in which each and every employee's ability can be exerted to the full.

Support for Women's Empowerment

Shiseido actively promotes gender equality as part of the management strategies to establish the organizational culture that continues to enhance employees' vitality and improve results, with the aim of “enhancing corporate trust of employees, who are major stakeholders in the company”. At the same time, efforts are made to enhance the level of company recognition externally through advanced initiatives that are unique to Shiseido.
In fiscal 2005–2012, we formulated the “Gender Equality Action Plan” and promoted the “cultivation of the corporate culture”, in which we pursued a reform in awareness and actions to enable women to take active roles. We also worked on “strengthening the appointment and promotion of female leaders and human resources development” with the assumption of employing skilled employees. At the same time, we also worked on “reviewing how employees work to improve productivity” as a company-wide initiative in order to correct long-hour labor, which keeps women from taking active roles, and to realize employees’ work-life balance.
As a result, we were able to cultivate career awareness among female employees. The ratio of female leaders(Japan) has reached 26.0% as of January of 2018, and it has significantly improved compared to before the plan formulation. With the “review of how employees work”, the number of employees working long hours has reduced, and the overtime work has been reduced by half through the implementation of switching off lights in all offices, Go Home On Time Day, etc. We have been able to reach certain results.
We will aim to further improve the productivity by working with people with disabilities and foreign people and realize a flexible and highly productive way of working by establishing role models in women’s career development and according to diverse values.

Note: Female leader ratio in overseas offices: 70.1%

<Three Steps for Women Taking Active Roles>

Three Steps for Women Taking Active Roles

We have intensively cultivated a company culture in which diverse employees, including women, play active roles while demonstrating their skills and proactively building their career.
In November 2015, we held a seminar for managers with the themes of efficient workstyle and development of subordinates, and in December, an in-house event named “Career Navi Lunch” was held to share the experience of role model employees.

Also, expecting to see a woman president in the future, we aim to raise women’s ratio in our company’s senior management such as department directors and hold "NEXT LEADERSHIP SESSION for WOMEN”, leadership training sessions for women employees, headed by the president. As one of our constant efforts to foster future women leaders, we held the first series of the sessions in 2017 and plan to have two more, in which participants go through a 10-month comprehensive leadership development program that offers lectures given by women leaders from outside the company, a workshop to learn from horses’ demeanor, individual coaching sessions and other lessons. The goal of the program is to help participants have a clear image of their future job with greater responsibilities and influence, discover their own unique-to-women leadership style to become more confident in themselves, and upgrade their management skills. The contents of the program include, therefore, not only general leadership development training but also assistance in solving concerns and problems unique to women.



Workshop to learn from horses’ demeanor

Workshop to learn from horses’ demeanor
Horses swiftly respond to your action (leadership) regardless of your title or social position. We hold a workshop to provide participants with an opportunity to reconsider their actual leadership by watching the horses’ response (feedback).

TopicsShiseido Tops in Overall Ranking for Three Straight Years in “100 Best Companies Where Women Play Active Part”

Shiseido achieved “The First-Place of Overall Ranking” for three straight years since the year 2014 in “100 Best Companies Where Women Play Active Part” organized by “Nikkei Woman” and “Nikkei Womenomics Project”. Adding to it, we were awarded a prize on “The First Place of Diversity Penetrance” as a category ranking.

This ranking was based on “Survey on Female Workers’ Workplace Opportunities” conducted by “Nikkei Woman”, women’s career and lifestyle magazine published by Nikkei Business Publications, and Nikkei Womenomics Project, and evaluated 534 companies with valid responses. The survey measures how female workers are treated and promoted in terms of four categories: 1) promotion to managerial positions, 2) work-life balance, 3) active use of women’s ability, and 4) diversity penetrance. After appropriate weights are added to the scores of each category, the results are summed up to derive deviation scores for the overall ranking of “Companies Where Women Play Active Part” and for the previously mentioned four category rankings.

Shiseido has been promoting various initiatives since 1990 with the aim of becoming a company in which women continue to take active roles through corporate culture reform/reform of employee awareness, by establishing internal systems, such as child care leaves/child care time system, and others, prior to the law and establishing child care facilities within affiliates as part of the initiatives to support people to balance work and child care. From 2004, we have been dealing with enabling women to take active roles as a corporate strategy. Through Stage 1 - “many women leave work when they have children” and Stage 2 - “women continue to work while raising children”, we are currently aiming to become a company that enables a situation of Stage 3 - “both men and women move up the career ladder while carrying out various activities such as childcare and nursing care”. Shiseido was awarded as a double winner of Overall Ranking and Diversity Penetrance in 2016 and has received requests from various organizations to share its initiatives, which are highly valued by society.

To achieve our mid- to long-term strategy “VISION 2020”, we will work on creating the model for Shiseido to remain vital for the next 100 years. Furthermore, to actualize our vision, “be a global winner with our heritage”, we will focus on management with the emphasis on diversity. Shiseido will further evolve to “the best company that is a great place to work” for anyone.

Commendation ceremony for “100 Best Companies Where Women Play Active Part” (May 2016)

Commendation ceremony for “100 Best Companies Where Women Play Active Part” (May 2016)

Ratio of Female Managers

In terms of female manager appointment, the Company has promoted “individual personnel development” to enable female employees to assume managerial positions in the future through the steady achievement of results and learning the basics of management, dealing with a higher level of work duties (how to assign work), expanding the professional area of focus (transfer), and other relevant initiatives, and achieved a 30% ratio of females in managerial positions in January 2017.
In order to evolve further, we focus on nurturing global human resources through leader trainings and digital skill enhancement programs, etc., aiming to create the "50:50" equal opportunity climate. In terms of social contribution, we established KODOMOLOGY CO., LTD., a company whose main business is the entrusted operation of in-house nurseries, in February 2017. Through this, we will contribute to the realization of a society where everyone can play an active role balancing their careers with raising children.

Note: Results are as of April 1 of each year until 2015. After 2016, the results are as of January 1 of each year.

Transition in Ratio of Females in Managerial Positions

Supporting LGBT

We are working on various activities such as creating an environment where every employee can be themselves at work, deepening the understanding of LGBT and supporting LGBT persons.
For example, we have held in-house sessions for understanding LGBT (since July 2015) and revised the employment regulations in which one can enjoy the same treatment for having a same-sex partner as that for an opposite-sex partner (as of January 1, 2017). By doing these, we are promoting the correct understanding of LGBT and preparing in-house systems for the employees who are LGBT persons.
Also, we participate in Japan's biggest LGBT supporting event, Tokyo Rainbow Pride, and continue social support activities such as makeup advice, sampling activities (volunteers from the Company) and makeup advice for patients who have undergone gender reassignment surgery, etc.
Through these activities, we were certified as Gold, the highest grade, in 2017 by “work with Pride”, an organization that evaluates companies' LGBT support efforts.

Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

As one of our measures for "creating a workplace where all employees can actively work", we promote the employment of individuals with disabilities. Currently, about 290 such employees are taking active roles in the Shiseido Group.
We promise the employees with disabilities that "we seriously expect achievement from them", "we provide necessary consideration, but no special treatment" and "we willingly support those with the passion to work hard”, and continuously reinforce the recruitment and retention of employees who may bring diversity to our organization.
In a special subsidiary, Shiseido's Hanatsubaki Factory Co., Ltd., 34 employees, primarily developmentally challenged individuals, are working at the four locations in Tokyo, Osaka and Kakegawa.
As of June 1, 2018, the number of employees with disabilities accounts for 3.19% in Shiseido Company, Limited and 2.04% in the Shiseido Group in Japan as a whole.

Employment of Foreign Personnel

In addition to overseas subsidiaries, the Shiseido head office also has been employing diverse personnel regardless of nationality. We are hiring foreign personnel at the head office while adhering to the immigration control system, including resident status considerations, and subjecting them, regardless of nationality, to the same employment regulations after they join the company as the Japanese employees.

Post-retirement Reemployment System

Shiseido has been introducing a post-retirement reemployment system since FY2006 aimed at developing an energetic corporate culture and establishing an environment in which middle-aged and older employees who have grown within Shiseido can continue to work as long as they have the motivation and ability to do so. Especially since FY2014, we have introduced the "EL Partner System" and reemployed all the employees who wish to continue working.
As for the research and development area, we operate the “Senior Scientist System” for personnel that possess high expertise, ensuring handing down techniques and know-how to the next generation employees.

Note: Results are as of April 1 of each year until 2015. After 2016, the results are as of January 1 of each year.

Post-retirement Reemployment System

Employment of Fixed-term Employees

The domestic Shiseido Group employs fixed-term employees based on labor-related laws and regulations and provides appropriate treatment with various social insurance and holidays stipulated by the law according to employment regulations and various other regulations.
Shiseido also has a system to reemploy retired employees*. We encourage such employees to work in Shiseido again, utilizing the experience they have gained after retirement.

*They are re-employed as fixed-term employees.

Employment of Temporary Employees

Temporary employees are working at the respective business sites and domestic Group companies of Shiseido according to the Worker Dispatch Law.
With regard to the employment of temporary employees at Shiseido Group, we are implementing various measures such as concluding agreements with employment agencies, development and management of registers, and appointment of personnel in charge of management, all of which is based on the Worker Dispatch Law policy related to measures that should be established regarding employment agencies and other relevant laws and regulations.
Shiseido will continuously and appropriately respond to amendments in or reinterpretations of respective laws and regulations.

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