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Human Rights Enlightenment (Education)

The human rights enlightenment training is implemented to verify the Shiseido Group Basic Policy on the Enlightenment of Human Rights. To steadily respond to social expectations according to the ISO26000 regarding various human rights issues, including anti-discrimination problems, women, children, persons with disabilities, LGBT and harassment, we are conducting enlightenment activities directed at eliminating discrimination and bias by establishing themes every year.

Specifically, an upper-level management workshop for the head office corporate officers and domestic and overseas department heads, a workshop for domestic and overseas business site managers, a workshop for employees (93% participation rate for fiscal 2017) and a workshop for new employees are conducted once a year. Moreover, fiscal year policy is confirmed and annual regular meetings on various subjects, such as training implementation plans, are carried out in National Human Rights Enlightenment Promotion Committee Training, which is for Human Rights Enlightenment Promotion Committee members from respective business sites in Japan.

At business sites outside Japan, the definition of human rights in English was included in the context of "With employees" in Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics, allowing employees to deepen their shared recognition of human rights. Going forward, Shiseido will further promote activities to spread human rights awareness on a global scale.

To address harassment, we once held e-learning on abuse of power and other topics for all Group employees in fiscal 2017 with the aim of raising awareness to eliminate harassment, and will continue to organize such events.

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