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Shiseido’s Stance on Environmental Issues/Our Goals and Achievements

Shiseido’s Stance on Environmental Issues

Since 1992, when Shiseido Eco Policy, a set of the company’s principles on environmental considerations, was formulated, we have worked to preserve the global environment. Today, the inherited passion appears in “Our Way – With Society and the Earth,”one of the Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics. Following this spirit, we praise and try to preserve the blessings of the Earth, and conduct business with a sincere commitment to people’s desire to “live beautifully.” That is, we believe, our purpose.

We believe that conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of water resources are important for “the preservation of the bounty of the Earth.” Regarding the former issue, we organized “the concept of Shiseido’s biodiversity” in 2010 as follows.

Biodiversity at Shiseido

Shiseido is grateful for the benefits of the Earth, the source of new values. Recognizing that the resources of the Earth are limited, we will use them wisely and fairly for the sake of future generations. Moreover, we will work proactively for the conservation of biodiversity to realize a sustainable society.

Meanwhile, we have consolidated our thoughts regarding "fresh water resources" as following, in 2013.

We will aim for sustainable water use with respect for the healthy water circulation and the water-related culture practices of the local community. First, we will create an understanding of the actual situation of our water use through the value chain of our business activities. Then, based on it, we will work towards minimizing the impacts on the water circulation and the local water-related culture.

Environmental Targets and Results

Shiseido commits to pursue "environmental friendliness throughout the product life cycle" and "global initiatives to reduce CO2" as two pillars in its environmental program up until 2020.

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