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Sugarcane-derived Polyethylene

The CO2 generated when petroleum-derived polyethylene, which is also the main material in cosmetics containers, is disposed of/incinerated increases the CO2 level in the atmosphere and becomes one of the factors of global warming.
On the other hand, the CO2 generated when sugarcane-derived polyethylene is incinerated is the CO2 that had been absorbed by the sugarcane in the course of their growth. Therefore, we can say that there is zero increase/decrease in CO2 when it's incinerated.

In addition, sugarcane-derived polyethylene is also effective in CO2 emission reduction in the manufacturing process. In addition to the advantage that the energy consumption is less than petroleum-derived polyethylene due to the fact that the heating temperature in the manufacturing process is lower, it utilizes the electricity generated from incinerating "bagasse," which is the residual material after refining sugar from sugarcane.
Due to this, we can significantly reduce the CO2 emission compared to before.
(Refer to Diagram 1)

Diagram 1: Polyethylene Manufacturing Process

Polyethylene Manufacturing Process

Furthermore, bioethanol, which is a raw material for sugarcane-derived polyethylene, is mainly produced by fermenting the residual liquid (Blackstrap molasses) after refining sugar from the juice of sugarcane, etc. Because of this, it's advantageous in the fact that competition is less likely to occur with food source compared to soybean or corn.
Considering these facts, we can calculate that the CO2 emission in the overall sugarcane-derived polyethylene lifecycle, which we have been utilizing since September of 2011, is smaller compared to petroleum-derived polyethylene by over 70%.
(Refer to Diagram 2)

Diagram 2: CO2 Emission Volume Reduction Effect

CO2 Emission Volume Reduction Effect
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