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Collaboration with UN Women/Promotion of Gender Equality

Collaboration with UN Women

Shiseido has signed an agreement with UN Women, making it the first Japanese company to commit itself to lead the promotion of gender equality in Japan.

Joint Efforts with UN Women

In 2017, Shiseido signed an agreement with UN Women (the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) and committed itself to lead the promotion of gender equality in Japan where the gender gap is still pervasive. The present agreement was reached as both parties pursue the same cause: Shiseido actively supports women’s advancement while UN Women centers its efforts on gender equality and the empowerment of women worldwide.
Going forward, Shiseido will continue to promote the UN Women’s HeForShe(target_blank) initiative inside and outside the Company, as well as organize workshops for young people to discuss how to address gender issues, aiming to realize a society where each and every individual can make their own life choices and fulfill their potential regardless of gender.

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UN Women

What is HeForShe?

HeForShe is a solidarity campaign for gender equality launched by UN Women in 2014. Its aim is to encourage all people, men as well as women, around the world to take voluntary actions to achieve a gender-equal society.

We collect commitments from supporters of this campaign. The beliefs and actions of individuals play an important role in achieving gender equality. If you support the campaign, please add your commitment to HeForShe.

Click here for details of HeForShe(target_blank)


Awareness-Raising Workshops on Gender Equality for Senior High School Students

Shiseido aims to achieve a society in which all people shine as they like through promotion of gender equality and other issues within and outside the company.
In particular, we promote "Awareness Raising Workshops on Gender Equality" for young people who will forge the future, having collaborated with UN Women since 2017 on the subject of Japanese society where gender issues persistently remain.
These workshops are programs to study familiar gender issues, discuss what we should do to live a life that is true to ourselves without being swayed by social stereotypes, and present solutions for these issues to the public.

On October 20th, 2018, we held a joint event with the UN Women Liaison Office in Japan at the United Nations University in Tokyo, where students presented solutions to gender issues. Under the theme of "Women’s Empowerment in Japanese Society," 25 high schools across Japan participated in the program. On the day of the event, eight representative schools which made it through a rigorous selection process each recommended unique solutions. Participants such as commentators from government agencies, private companies, and NPO, etc. gave encouraging comments to the students, stating, "We are a lot more aware now. We hope young people also start taking action on these issues." After presentations from all the schools, the EU Ambassador-Designate to Japan gave a lecture on "Initiatives for Gender Equality Outside Japan." On this day, we thought about gender issues not only in Japan but also from a global perspective.
The students who participated in the workshop said, "I thought that there are only small things for high school students to be able to do at first, but now I believe that my action to change other students' awareness around me will lead to gender equality." Many of them said, "I would like to do what I can as a first step toward action." Shiseido will continue to work hard to achieve a true diverse and gender-equal society together with young people who will forge the future.

Presentations by high school students

Presentations by high school students

Participating high school students

Participating high school students

Target and result

  • ・Target: Raising gender equality awareness for 1,000 people in 2017-2018 (As of the end of October in FY2018, result: 505 people, cumulative amount: 1,005 people)

  • ・Result in FY2018: Supporting students of 25 high schools across Japan

  • ・As a new initiative from 2018, Shiseido independently developed educational materials for promoting gender equality (supervised by the UN Women Liaison Office in Japan) to study gender issues and distributed them to participating high schools, for use by participating students to formulate their action plans.

Activities to Support Women’s Empowerment Inspired by International Women’s Day

On March 8, 2018, International Women’s Day, Shiseido held an event named “Happy Women’s Day” with a theme color of “Pink,” wishing all the women to be proud of their gender and become happier.

Activities to Support Women’s Empowerment Inspired by International Women’s Day(International Women’s Day)

Happy Women’s Day Storefront Campaign

At the department store counters in Ginza area, we suggested makeups especially with the theme color of pink to consumers to bring out their individual beauty, and gave them small gifts to commemorate the day.

Shiseido’s appreciation of women was extended to many consumers on this once-a-year memorable day through our beauty consultants.

Happy Women’s Day Storefront Campaign

In front of the photobooth specially set up at GINZA SIX

Speaker Event “Happy Women’s Day – To Me in the Future”

On the evening of International Women’s Day, Shiseido co-held with BuzzFeed Japan a speaker event titled “Happy Women’s Day – To Me in the Future.” Ms. Christel Takigawa, a special guest speaker, talked about women’s work and lifestyles with the theme, “Toward the year 2020 – A message to Japanese women,” and shared her experience as a TV news presenter and the values she acquired while living in France.

Ms. Christel Takigawa sharing her experience

Ms. Christel Takigawa sharing her experience
Photo by Kazuhiro Gohda for BuzzFeed

In addition, a lecture titled “Power of Pink” was given by Dr. Shimakura, Shiseido’s researcher, who talked about the image of the theme color of “Pink” and its influence on human minds. In front of visitors wearing “Something Pink,” she described the color pink as a reminiscence of warmth and gentleness and as a symbol of sociability, which is a perfect color for the day when people should ponder upon the feelings of themselves, friends, families and other members of society. She explained the reason why we determined “Pink” as the signature color of the event, saying that we wanted the visitors to wear something pink to remember the importance of caring about and respecting each other regardless of gender, nationality and age.

Shiseido preserves the policy of supporting working women as its DNA inherited from Arinobu Fukuhara, the founder, and has constantly been supporting women’s empowerment since its foundation in late 19th century until today. We will continue taking bold actions in society as a company that aims to brighten up the lives of women.

Lecture given by Dr. Shimakura

Lecture given by Dr. Shimakura

Commemorative photoshoot with participants

Commemorative photoshoot with participants

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