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Promotion of Safe and Reliable Manufacturing

The Establishment of the Original Product Safety Guarantee Standard

Product research and manufacturing at Shiseido are designed to create products that consumers can use with confidence and peace of mind. Based on our belief that correct knowledge of the skin is critical, the cosmetics development process starts with intensive research into skin structure conducted in collaboration with Japanese and overseas dermatologists, universities, and other research institutions utilizing state-of-the-art technology from a broad range of disciplines related to cosmetics (including the life sciences, dermatology, interface science, ergonomics, and psychology). Then ingredients are thoroughly investigated for impurities and other substances that might adversely affect the skin, and only those of unquestionable safety are selected for use. Finally, we conduct patch tests and dermatologist-supervised trials to ensure that the resulting formulations will be free of problems when used in products.

Sensory testing of cosmetics

Sensory testing of cosmetics

Sensory testing of cosmetics

Safety, Backed Up by Data

When treating patients with dermatitis (rash) suspected to have been caused by cosmetics, dermatologists attempt to track down the cause of the condition by conducting patch tests with the cosmetics used by the patient, as well as their ingredients. Statistical data summarizing the rate of positive results for these patch tests for individual manufacturers can be interpreted as an indicator of the effectiveness of those companies' safety assurance programs. Published reports show that the rate of positive results for Shiseido cosmetics is the lowest of all domestic and overseas cosmetics manufacturers*, and that a high level of safety has been maintained.

  • * Fujimoto et al.,Patch test results in 492 patients of suspected cosmetic dermatitis (1996-2000),
    Environ. Dermatol., 9, 53-62, 2002.

Total Reassurance and Safety Management of Chemical Substances

A Basic Approach Based on Health and Environmental Considerations

Shiseido manages chemical substances used in products and containers based on the international goal of "minimizing adverse effects that the manufacturing and use of chemical substances have on human health and the environment by 2020," as adopted at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).

Shiseido collects information about chemical substance safety and trends in the regulation of chemical substances in Europe, the Americas, Asia, including Japan, and other regions. This data is evaluated based on the latest scientific knowledge and put to use in order to ensure safety by evaluating the effects of chemical substances used for products on people or the environment.

In the event that concerns about the effects of ingredients used in products on human health or the environment were to be brought to our attention, we would make a judgment as to whether to continue their use based on the latest scientific knowledge available at that point in time. Based on this judgment, if necessary, we would halt the use of respective substances immediately and switch to an alternative substance.

Complying with the European REACH Regulation

Under Europe's chemical substance regulatory framework, known as the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation, which was put into force in June 2007, all chemical substances contained in cosmetics and containers exported to Europe from Japan are subject to regulation.
In particular, substances imported into Europe in quantities of one ton or greater per year must be registered in accordance with procedures set forth in the REACH Regulation. Shiseido has assessed all such substances which must be registered and put necessary measures in place.

Establishment of Manufacturing Eco Standards and Sales Promotion Tools Eco Standards

In fiscal 2010, Shiseido established the Manufacturing Eco Standards and Sales Promotion Tools Eco Standards to devise rules of environmental responses for products and sales promotion tools from the perspective of life cycles and commenced operations accordingly.

System for Stable Supply of High Quality Products

At Shiseido, quality and safety take priority over all other matters. We have continuously worked on maintaining and controlling product quality not only by observing all applicable laws and regulations but also by keeping our own rules of the Global Quality Policy so that consumers can use our products with complete confidence. We conduct thorough quality control at all stages of the raw materials selection, commercialization, production and distribution in order to ensure the quality and safety of our medical and food products as well as cosmetics. In doing so, we manufacture products that our consumers can use regularly without any concerns.

At the raw materials selection stage, we collect and check information on raw materials, including their components, from all over the world to make sure that we use only safe raw materials.

For the commercialization, production, and distribution stages, we also have systems in place to ensure a stable supply of high-quality products at all times by complying with various standards, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ISO 22000, and HACCP*, as well as our own product standards. For our cosmetic products, for example, we comply with all items (e.g. organizations and systems, buildings and facilities, manufacturing management, and inspections) stipulated in the Cosmetics GMP set by ISO22716, an international standard that gives guidelines for the production, control, storage and distribution of cosmetic products, to provide consumers with safe and secure products of high quality manufactured under strict quality control.

  • *HACCP:A method of food sanitation control developed to ensure the safety of space food in the United States.

Response to Product Problems

In order to promote research, development, manufacture and sales of safe products that will achieve consumer satisfaction, Shiseido clarifies where the authority and responsibility lie in terms of quality assurance (including product planning, manufacturing, sales and imports), and product problem prevention. We also have our own manuals for dealing with any product problems so that we can respond to problems in a concerted manner and promptly bring the situations under control while putting customer safety first. Thus, we are committed to strengthening and comprehensively promoting quality assurance and product problem prevention activities at Shiseido and the Group companies.

In the unlikely event of a quality problem and/or product liability problem involving the Company's products, the department that has received the information is expected to immediately report the case to the Quality Management Department, related business divisions and Risk Management Department. The Risk Management Department will decide on the problem response methods in accordance with its level of severity. The Quality Management Department will investigate the cause and the business divisions will promote various initiatives, including responses to the market.

Appropriate Provision of Product Information

Our Way is a summary of actions that each and every person at the Shiseido Group should take. In Our Way, Shiseido stipulated that "we do our work with a greater sense of ethics in regard to our product information and labeling or advertising expressions as well as observing respective countries' and regions' laws and regulations and corporate regulations."

Compliance Status of Laws and Regulations Related to Advertising Expressions

Details that should be indicated on cosmetics are stipulated under the Regulatory Law (statutory labeling). At the same time, aspects of advertising are restricted under the Standards for Fair Advertising Practices of Drugs, Quasi-drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Devices (Notification from the Director-General of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Health and Welfare, September 29, 2017). Based on these standards, the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association (JCIA) has established Appropriate Advertising Guidelines including Cosmetics as self-imposed industry standards that provide relevant examples and explanations.

As for statutory labeling, Shiseido operates by defining "labeling regulations." With regard to advertising, the Company observes laws and regulations by following the Appropriate Advertising Guidelines including Cosmetics.

Also, JCIA established the Advertising and General Publicity Committee within the organization and the Cosmetics Advertising Deliberation Council as an institution pertaining to the committee. This council independently carries out deliberations to enhance the reliability of and optimize cosmetics advertising expressions. These deliberations, conducted three times annually, are based on the Regulatory Law, the Standards for Fair Advertising Practices of Drugs, Quasi-drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Devices, Appropriate Advertising Guidelines including Cosmetics and other relevant laws and regulations and addresses television, newspaper and magazine advertising.

Implementation of Study Sessions Related to Advertising and Labeling

Shiseido holds the "Statutory Labeling Seminar" and "Advertising Expression Seminar" twice a year in order to enhance the employees' knowledge about compliance with the laws on pharmaceuticals and medical devices concerning advertising and labeling.

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