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Efforts toward Recycling of Resources

To continuously use the limited blessings of the Earth, we need to shift from the conventional style of economic activities based on one-way flow of things being “procured, manufactured, used and thrown out” to recycling-based activities promoting the recycle or reuse of resources.
Shiseido works on the following initiatives to create a powerful combination of various recycling circles ranging from a small circulation (Reuse) to a large circulation (Carbon cycle) expecting to effectively use resources and to create more attractive products.

Initiatives for Reuse

In Japan, Shiseido sells over 700 items of refillable products, the containers of which can be re-used. We provide refillable items in various categories from personal care products such as shampoo and conditioner to beauty products including essence, cream, lotion, emulsion and foundation to conserve resources used to produce containers.

Initiatives for Recycle

Since September 2015, Shiseido has been using PET resin, obtained through mechanical recycling of PET bottles, for the containers of Sea Breeze Body Shampoo. Mechanical recycling is the technology of efficiently producing high-quality PET resin from PET beverage bottles. This technology has been used broadly for drink bottles. Using recycled PET resin, approximately 22 tons of CO2 emissions can be reduced every year compared to using petroleum-derived PET resin.

Example of the mechanical recycling process

Shiseido’s product containers made of different materials, such as a combination of plastic and metal, are designed to be easily separated after use for recycling. In addition to utilizing recycled materials, we actively work to improve used containers’ suitability for recycling.

Examples of containers designed to be easily separated.
Examples of containers designed to be easily separated.

Examples of containers designed to be easily separated.

Utilization of Biomass Resources

Shiseido was the first cosmetics/personal care products company in Japan to introduce sugarcane-derived polyethylene containers in September 2011 for its haircare brand, “SUPER MiLD.” Effective utilization of biomass resources, as typified by sugarcane, is a benefit from the global carbon cycle. Incineration of sugarcane-derived polyethylene releases over 70% less CO2 than petroleum-derived polyethylene in their life cycles.
This initiative received the 1st Achievement Award for Promotion of Biomass Products from Japan Society of Biomass Industries in 2011.

the mark

Product containers made of plant-derived plastic bear the above-shown mark.

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