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Empowerment of Rural Bangladesh Women

Since FY2011, Shiseido has been promoting the activity for rural Bangladesh women to improve their social status and support their success.
This activity is an initiative aiming to not only conduct business but also resolve the concerns and social issues of the women who live in the rural areas of Bangladesh by utilizing the know-how owned by Shiseido. In September 2015, the activity was selected as a model activity of the “Business Call to Action (BCtA) (target_  blank)” led by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (target_  blank). Shiseido is the first Asian cosmetics company to receive this recognition.

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PDF Shiseido News Release[ PDF : 232KB ]
BCtA News Release (target_ blank)
PDF “Preparatory Research for a Project to improve the Living Standard of Rural Women in Bangladesh through Skincare Products Executive Summary” (Japan International Cooperation Agency)[ PDF : 1.37MB ]

Current Initiatives

From 2018, we have begun showing a short movie in seven areas in Bangladesh. This is our new initiative for local women, in addition to the workshops we have held in villages in the country, to make them aware of women’s empowerment.
We aim to encourage Bangladeshi women to recognize their original beauty and reflect on their own lives through the movie that introduces the brand concept, “Shining Original Beauty,” of Les DIVAS, a line of products specially developed for and sold in Bangladesh.

On March 8, 2018, we held the first movie screening event to commemorate International Women’s Day. As many as 300 students visited the university in Tangail, our activity base, to watch the movie.
The film depicts a girl who overcomes various difficulties to become truly independent. Students who watched the movie said,
“There are many women in our country who wish to live on their own. The film made me believe we can do it,” “Women tend to give up moving forward when confronted with failures or difficulties, but the movie taught me there are ways to overcome such obstacles,” or “I think not only the women but all the men in Bangladesh should watch this film, from which I learned a lot of lessons to change our society.”

Wishing to help many Bangladeshi women step forward, we will continuously hold screening events all over the country.

Movie screening event

Movie screening event

A student being interviewed after watching the movie

A student being interviewed after watching the movie

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