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Safety Assurance

Quality and safety remains our top priority

Always keeping the customer’s perspective in mind to deliver true customer satisfaction, we are committed to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing safe, high-quality products and services as stated in our corporate philosophy ‘Our Way’. In particular, to ensure that our customers feel at ease, quality and safety are far and beyond our top priority. Safety assurance is achieved through compliance with our own stringent standards, on top of laws and government regulations. Safety assurance of cosmetic products is described in this section.

Our philosophy on safety assurance

We never rest in our efforts in research and development and in developing new ingredients to further meet the needs of customers. Shiseido’s products are formulated with ingredients that have clearly demonstrated safety with respect to the usage and the site of application. None of the ingredients have ever been commercialized without passing the safety assessments under Shiseido’s safety assurance system.

The safety of new cosmetic ingredients is verified by evaluations of existing toxicological data and/or assessments in non-animal experimental systems.

In addition to making a careful selection of ingredients, Shiseido also makes sure the impurities in each ingredient are safe before use of the ingredient.

Scientists at Shiseido have access to the most up-to-date safety data and the state-of-the-art technologies, and work with outside experts to improve their safety evaluation skills.

Follow up after launch

We at Shiseido stand behind our products and our customers 100%. In the event of any unexpected outcomes, we will promptly share all information and take appropriate measures. Every effort will be made to limit the impact on customers, including making such information public when necessary.

A system has been instituted that promptly shares safety-related information with relevant persons within the company.

Shiseido will respond promptly and in good faith to any inquiries from customers.

Shiseido Safety Assurance System: Specifics

This section provides information on safety assurance items, safety assurance by alternative methods and final safety assurance by human testing under the Shiseido Safety Assurance System.

Specifics on safety assurance endpoints.

Specifics on safety assurance by alternative methods.

Specifics on final safety assurance by human testing.

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