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The first step of research and development is to understand.
To understand what exactly the consumers want, to look at the skin and understand its structure, and to globally understand our consumers.
Through these studies, the creation of new beauty can be realized.

To perceive

To perceive skin

To understand melanin hidden under the skin (UV camera image)

To understand melanin hidden under the skin (UV camera image)

SHISEIDO has been conducting basic research on skin since the 1980s, and has studied various aspects of skin from deep within to the outermost layer.
We try to solve the mysteries of the skin by actively collaborating with both domestic and international researchers.

  • Basic research on skin
    By reviewing skin problems from the ground up to prevent and improve them, we study, for example, stem cells and anti-aging.
  • To perceive cosmetic behaviors

    The time to spend on skin treatment, items to be used, methods of using them… the stance and approach differ from one consumer to another.
    There are many things that cannot be understood through interviews and surveys, so it is essential to study certain consumers closely.
    Sometimes we actually visit them at their homes to see how and in what circumstances our products are used, and the findings are utilized to develop more effective products that are easy to use and to create new beauty.

    To perceive underlying thought

    Everyone has an experience of saying “I was not aware, but now that you mention it, I think it is…”
    Without understanding the exact underlying thoughts of our consumers, we cannot create truly good products.
    To create products which make our consumers feel positive by discovering their hidden wishes, we continue to conduct research from the perspective of the consumer.

    [About research on the mind]

    The mind and brain are closely related. We believe research on the brain is a beneficial approach in realizing interactive manufacturing which could resonate with our consumer’s, as we can find potential desires that even the consumers themselves are not aware of.
    Moreover, this kind of research has the broad potential of being deployed globally.

    About research on the mind

    TopicsGetting to “know” our customers around the world

    To percept consumers worldwide

    Detailed measurement of the skin using a proprietary device developed by Shiseido (Beijing)

    In order to delight customers around the world, it is important to understand the cultures and lifestyle habits of different countries and regions.

    Actual field surveys are often surprising. For example, people who only use their right hand to wash their face as a lifestyle habit, use facial cleansers in paste form, as foam cannot be made with one hand alone.

    In regions where water is hard, there are people who only wash the hair once a week since such water makes the hair dry.

    Investigating the preferences in texture, color, and scent of the cosmetic products used, as well as performing measurements on the skin, understanding the methods of care that differ according to the climate and lifestyle environment, we put the whole world in view. This is the true form of globalization we aim to achieve.

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