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Our Visions
on Technology

The aim of Shiseido’s R&D
To be the best innovative beauty company

For more than 100 years, Shiseido has launched a wide range of products and services to support the desire of our global customers to pursue beauty. We will continue to create innovative values through beauty-related R&D to bring happiness to our customers around the world.

How Shiseido brings ‘beauty’ to reality through R&D

Over 100 years of accumulated research on dermatology, basic science, and product commercialization for the realization of ‘beauty’. We aim to realize unique ‘beauty’ in each global customer by pursuing innovations. We leverage and combine our research achievements with new fields of sciences such as human science and informatics.

Holistic beauty: Holistic beauty values both inner and outer beauty

holistic beauty

‘Holistic beauty’ is about a person’s innate ‘overall beauty’. Shiseido addresses the concept of ‘holistic beauty’ and values the balance of beauty care, physical and mental health, individuality and personal appeal. Our technological development focuses on finding ways to achieve an overall, more beautiful sparkle for each of our customers.

Personalized beauty: Holistic beauty suggestions to meet individual needs

Personalized beauty

Personalized beauty is ‘beauty’ optimized for each individual customer. Realizing the best form of beauty through solutions that meet each person’s individuality, personal values, skin conditions, lifestyle patterns and environments. This is the vision of ‘personalized beauty’ pursued by Shiseido’s R&D.

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