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History of Cosmetic Technologies

History of Shiseido’s R&D for innovation since 1897

Shiseido has achieved the development of high quality products based on cutting-edge dermatology and technology of formulation development for more than one century.

In 1897, Shiseido developed Eudermine, the skin lotion based on a Western pharmaceutical formula, and in 1916, established the research facility named the Cosmetics Department Testing Room that later became the current Research Center at Ginza 7-chome, Tokyo. Back in those days, a cosmetic company having an organization for R&D and quality assurance was revolutionary. This was rooted in the origin of Shiseido that started from a dispensary pharmacy based on novel Western technologies of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. Since then, Shiseido has accomplished a number of epoch-making study results. A lot of cosmetic products now known to everyone have been created through Shiseido's research and development activities.

Some examples of such developments are shown below.