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Shiseido Group co-hosts the 2017 Harvard International Consulting Competition (HICC)

On April 22nd 2017, Shiseido is set to co-host the Harvard International Consulting Completion as a diamond sponsor and a case provider, in collaboration with the HCCG. (target blank)

International participating universities this year include Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, NYU, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, University of Calgary, and Universidad Panamericana, amongst others.

The theme of the case is Shiseido’s VISION 2020, Phase II, "Accelerating growth" and the overall goal of how to "become a global leader with our heritage." Students are to present concrete plans and alternative solutions on how the company can accelerate growth and reach its planned goals.
The teams have already begun preparations as the Shiseido case was announced on Saturday, April 8 at 12:00am EST

On April 22nd students and judges will gather in Cambridge, Boston at the Sheraton Commander, a walking distance from the Harvard Campus, and decide on a winner from all participating teams that have presented their solutions.

Shiseido will contribute four judges and a keynote speaker on the day of the event. The judges will be:
Vidur Bhandari, SVP, Strategy & Value Creation
Maria Chiclana, General Counsel
Sonia Solova, Strategy Manager, Corporate Communications, Tokyo HQ
Tomoko Yamagishi-Dressler SVP, Marketing & Sales, Ultra Prestige Collection
Vidur Bhandari will additionally be the keynote speaker at the event.

Shiseido Group is excited to collaborate with the Harvard International Case Competition as it gives a great chance to gain new perspectives from young and brilliant minds while positively engaging with them and raising awareness of our business and group.