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Fragrance Development

Pleasant scents cultivate our sensitivity and enrich our lives. Shiseido has been researching scents from various aspects such as the power of scents and the relationship between scents and our minds, and has been applying these findings to a lot of products, mainly fragrances.

Fragrance Design Research

Fragrances have the roles of covering the smells of raw materials and producing a new scent by blending with other fragrances. Shiseido is also focusing on the fragrance design research in order to provide feel-good scents.

Basic concept of fragrance development

Scents that make our consumers “feel good” – to provide such scents, we apply the findings of our research on raw ingredients and usefulness of fragrances, etc. into our products so that consumers would feel such added values naturally.

Roles of fragrances in cosmetics and fragrance design research

One of the fundamental roles of fragrances is to mask the smells that cosmetics raw materials have.
Furthermore, we select fragrances that match the product image, have a story line, or have appropriate functionalities and harmonize these fragrances to create a “feel-good scent”. This process is called Fragrance Design Research.

Basic concept of fragrance development

World’s first – We developed technology to prevent “Nonenal” (component for a body odor in older people)

Shiseido successfully developed completely new technology that prevents body odor in the middle-aged and old people through joint research with Takasago International Corporation. Shiseido focused on the change in the body odor caused by aging and discovered “nonenal” which is an odor component that is found in many middle-aged and older people and the level of which increases with age.

Body odors that bother people in every day life

Therefore, when we successfully created a fragrance that can be harmonized well with this unique odor, we named this “Harmonage Fragrance”.

Scent Preference Research

Each person’s preferences for scents are more than a matter of whether they like it or not. We have discovered the power of scents that affects our senses and applied it into our cosmetics products based on our researches over the years.

In order to develop scents to be used in cosmetics products that will satisfy and be loved by our consumers for many years, Shiseido has been conducting scent preference researches from many different angles. So far, we have discovered that when people frequently smell certain scents, they develop preference for these scents, and that scents affect how people feel warm and cold as well as how they feel when they use cosmetics, etc. and applied these findings into our cosmetics products. We are determined to continuously research the relationship between people and scents and provide the power of scents in cosmetics.

Mere exposure effect of scent

“Mere exposure effect”, in which people tend to develop a preference for things if they repeatedly hear or see the same things, has been known in the psychological research. Shiseido discovered that this “mere exposure effect” can be seen with scents.
People develop a preference for rich scents such as a ripe fruit note, a floral aldehydic note and an oriental note when they smell them repeatedly.

Mere exposure effect of scent

Effects of scents on senses

It is said that colors affect how people feel warmth and coldness as well as weight. Shiseido discovered that scents also affect the feelings of warmth/coldness and weight.
People evaluated warmth and coldness of water and weight of things differently while smelling a different scent. Also, scents affect how people feel when they are using cosmetics and it came to light that scents play an important role in determining the satisfaction level of cosmetics.

Result of a survey in which 12 female university students evaluated feelings of warmth and coldness of water while smelling a scent of peppermint.
Result of a survey in which 12 female university students evaluated feelings of warmth and coldness of water while smelling a scent of peppermint.
They felt water was colder when they were smelling a scent of peppermint than when not.

Fragrance Raw Ingredient Research

New fragrance raw materials are developed by analyzing attractive scents from nature, mainly from flowers.

There are a number of raw materials which possess great scent in the world of nature. In particular, roses, orchids, camellias, lotus and cherry blossoms are likely to provide useful fragrance materials. Therefore Shiseido doesn’t stop analyzing and evaluating scents from nature for finding new useful fragrance materials.

Floral scent research

Scent of Roses

The scent of Rose which has been enchanting people since ancient time is such an important fragrance material that it is called “Queen of Fragrance”.
Shiseido has been analyzing more than a thousand breeds of rose and finding new useful fragrance substances for example 1,3-dimethoxy-5-methyl benzene.

Shiseido’s classification of rose scents

Scent of orchids

More than 15,000 species of orchid exist in the world of nature and those smells also vary. It can be said that the world of orchid is a “treasury of fragrance”. Shiseido keeps analyzing various kinds of orchid as well as other flowers. We found the first orchid flower which possesses musk odor in the world. Revealing its fragrance composition widened our knowledge of perfume.

Scent of orchids

Scent and Fragrance Efficacy Research

Scents affect our bodies and minds in various ways. In order to effectively reflect this fact into our products, Shiseido has been continuously researching effects of fragrances.

It has been said that fragrances have various effects since ancient times. Shiseido scientifically verifies the effects of fragrances and promotes the research for applying them into cosmetics and food development based on the evidence gained

Become healthier and more beautiful with scents

When we smell scent, the scent information is transmitted to our brain via sense of smell and affects our bodies and minds in various ways. Shiseido started working on the scent effect study “aromachology” earlier than other companies and has discovered various effects of scents including relaxing effect, reduction in stress, blood circulation promotion, improved skin roughness, etc.

For example, it was confirmed that the compound perfume containing sweet orange oil, etc. reduced catamenial symptoms and kept the skin in a good condition. (Results of 1-month regular use test)


Gift from plants and effects of natural fragrances

In natural fragrances extracted from plants, there are various condensed aroma components produced by plants.
Shiseido has been also promoting the research regarding pharmacological effects of the natural fragrances and their aroma components and discovering the fragrances which have antioxidation effect as well as collagen production promotion effect, etc.

For example, we discovered that grapefruit oil inhibits lipogenesis of subcutaneous fat cells and prevents neutral fat from accumulating. (Result of in vitro cultured cells test)

Amount of neutral fat
* The red parts are oil droplets of neutral fat which has accumulated in the cultured human subcutaneous fat cells.
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