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Tools and Equipment Development

Forms for providing our values to consumers are not always contents/base materials of products. They also include the development of container mechanism for the purpose of enhancing the cosmetic value as well as beauty equipment. Shiseido has been making proactive efforts for mechanism and equipment developments also by incorporating our findings as well as external technologies. Now our achievements are reflected into not only products for general consumers but also measurement equipment for industrial use.
We will introduce some of the specific examples here.

Container Mechanism Development for the Purpose of Contents Protection:
Dispenser for Nozzle Opening Solidification Prevention

The basic role of containers is to protect cosmetic contents. However, their functions have improved by providing special mechanism and structure. Now unique contents, which were not possible with conventional containers, are being commercialized.
Nozzle opening solidification prevention dispenser, which prevents the contents from getting dry/solidified in the nozzle, is also one of the examples.

Dispenser is used in many products due to its advantages including the facts that it is easy to discharge contents and possible to discharge a fixed amount of contents. However, general type of dispensers have the nozzle which is always open; therefore, some contents get dry, solidified, etc. depending on the content formulation. Due to this reason, there were some cases in which we were not able to adopt the dispenser. Therefore, in order to resolve this issue, we developed this mechanism.

In this container, the linking mechanism, which converts part of vertical stroke (by pressing the button) into horizontal direction for operating on-off valve in the nozzle, is embodied within a small button. This enables the same level of operability and size as general type of dispensers.

Dispenser for Nozzle Opening Solidification Prevention

Beauty Tool with Special Mechanism: Hand Massage Equipment

Hand Massage Equipment

There are some cosmetic tools and beauty tools designed based on the special mechanism. Hand roller massage equipment, which was designed for reproducing the hand movements of aesthetician as much as possible, is also one of them. When this equipment is operated on the skin, the user can feel comfortable stimulation as the equipment picks up the skin.

There is such a mechanism in which the torque obtained from the drum-shaped roller is conveyed to the spiral-shaped roller’s rotation axis with the fine rotation velocity difference that has been specified based on the gear ratio. In addition to the mechanism, other innovative shapes and materials enabled to achieve such movement to pick up the skin. For example, this equipment utilizes the material with moderate coefficient of friction so that an appropriate angle against the rotation axis can be set for the rib mounted on the spiral-type roller.

Structure drawing of hand roller massage equipment

Development of Electric Beauty Equipment Backed by Skin Research:
“Electric Eye Massage Equipment”

tructure drawing of Electric Eye Massage Equipment

As a result of skin researches over years, Shiseido has various findings related to the skin. One of them is the finding regarding effective blood circulation promotion. Based on it, we also develop portable electric massage equipment for reproducing effective movements which are difficult to be realized with hands, with electric motor.

Vibrator (prototype) Cylindrical mini vibration motor

For vibration source, we employed cylindrical mini vibration motor in order to reduce the size and improve efficiency. By appropriately selecting the weight applied to the vibrator as well as the spring constant, the most appropriate pressure and vibration based on the theory can be provided in a comfortable manner according to the skin’s flexibility.
It was actually confirmed that this equipment (prototype) significantly improved the blood flow.

Blood circulation promotion effect by the developed equipment (prototype)

Target: 12 females in their 20’s and 30’s concerned with dark circles on a daily basis
Measurement item: Blood flow measurement (LSFG)
Measurement condition: To stay calm for 20 min. after face wash. Measure the value before use, immediately after use, 5 min. later and 10 min. later.
Usage condition: To use the equipment for 2 min.

Measurement Equipment Designed to Accurately Comprehend Sensitivity:
Finger Sensor

Measurement Equipment Designed to Accurately Comprehend Sensitivity: Finger Sensor

Evaluation and preference regarding cosmetics are significantly affected by not only the performance of the contents but also finger force (contact force), movement and rhythm at the time of application on the skin. However, there was no equipment that could measure these properly.
Therefore, Shiseido developed the world’s first wearable “finger sensor” which can measure the finger force (contact force) and movement simultaneously and precisely when the finger touches the skin even if the user is using the cosmetic product.
(Joint development by Shiseido Co., Ltd., Kato tech Co., Ltd. and Tec Gihan Co., Ltd.)

Finger Sensor

Most of the existing measurement equipment covers the finger pad which was not appropriate for measuring the state when a finger directly contacts with the skin, etc. including applying makeup. By focusing on the fact that the finger width changes by contact pressure, this equipment resolved this issue by the new approach in which a strain gauge measures contact pressure based on the idea that the contact pressure is the change in finger width. Since the sensor does not cover the finger pad, it can measure the contact force without affecting tactile feeling. Simultaneously, 3-axis acceleration sensor is mounted in this finger sensor device; therefore, both delicate movement and contact force of finger can be accurately measured at the same time.

Relationship between the finger’s contact force and width of contacted area (Reference)

Relationship between the finger’s contact force and width of contacted area (Reference)
* Measured for 6 female adults (F1 - 6) and 3 male adults (M1 - 3)

Structure of finger sensor (prototype)

Structure of finger sensor (prototype)

This equipment is utilized not only for product development (cosmetics, containers, cosmetic tools and promotional appeals) and beauty method development but also for mastering of beauty techniques (skill improvement). Furthermore, it received high evaluation and lots of attention from the world-class international congress in the haptics research (WORLD HAPTICS CONGRESS 2011, IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; held in June of 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey); therefore, it is expected to be applied not only in the cosmetics field but also in various fields such as medical, nursing care/welfare, automobile, IT (home electronics) and raw materials.

This equipment has been released as “wearable contact pressure sensor HapLog® (Haptic Skill Logger)” from Kato tech Co., Ltd. Shiseido is now making efforts for new development with 3 key words of “manufacturing”, “handing down of education” and “medical welfare”, for example, “Manufacturing by making use of sensitivity”, “Standardization of techniques in regimen and improvement of customer satisfaction level”, and “Quantification of effects of technologies and medical treatment in the medical welfare workplace”.

In vitro SPF evaluation equipment: SPF MASTER ®


Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a widely accepted index for assessing sunscreen performance, and is generally determined by in vivo measurement of erythemal reaction in human volunteers exposed to an artificial solar simulator under defined conditions, using methods such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 24444. However, there are burdens of human volunteers in in vivo SPF testing, and the use of human volunteers is also problematic from the viewpoint of variability, so there is great interest in methods for in vitro prediction of SPF as a replacement for in vivo SPF testing.
Therefore, Shiseido developed the in vitro SPF evaluation system “SPF MASTER ®” in order to establish a method, which can objectively evaluate physical properties of sunscreen without using human volunteers on the basis of the past Shiseido’s findings.

In vitro SPF evaluation equipment: SPF MASTER ®

In this measurement process, the sunscreen sample is applied on a skin-mimicking shaped substrate, UV rays are exposed from the artificial solar simulator, and during irradiation, transmission spectrum through the sunscreen is monitored at the same spot, finally, SPF value is automatically calculated with an algorithm considering erythema action spectrum of human skin. Thus, this equipment reflects in vivo SPF testing conditions to in vitro system as much as possible.

Pseudo artificial skin substrate for measurement

Shiseido has been actively promoting this innovative evaluation method to be widely utilized outside of the company as well as its standardization such as ISO.