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Research Areas

Shiseido’s cutting-edge challenges in R&D

Since its beginning as a Western-style pharmacy, Shiseido has continued to engage in cutting-edge R&D for more than 100 years. Beyond the development of cosmetic products, Shiseido has also ventured into new fields of science such as informatics to create new forms of beauty. We will continue to create innovative beauty by merging the old and new areas of research.

Shiseido’s cutting-edge challenges in R&D

The 3 core areas of research

To provide reassurance to our consumers, Shiseido’s research accords the highest priority to safety. The quest for ‘beauty’ is approached from three areas of research: ‘material science’ to create attractive cosmetic products, ‘life science’ to look for the secrets of beautiful skin, and ‘human science’ to unravel the mind that is not visible to anybody. We have accumulated proprietary technologies so that everyone can enjoy beauty at ease.

Material science

Producing attractive cosmetic products with proprietary technologies

Raw Material Development introduces the concept of raw material development and cosmetics raw materials that have been developed by Shiseido so far.

Formulation Technology introduces not only diverse emulsification technologies which are essential for cosmetics development but also examples of applying rheology research into formulation.

Fragrance design, scent preference survey, fragrance ingredients, and researches including aromacology can be viewed.

Tools and Equipment Development introduces efforts regarding cosmetics-related tools development as well as development of equipment which was promoted through cosmetics researches.

The technologies developed by Shiseido to measure consumers’ skin conditions by studying not only the surface of the skin but also its inner structures and the technology to visualize skin conditions can be viewed.

Life Science

Unravelling the secret of beautiful skin

The results of Shiseido’s world-leading dermatological researches can be viewed.

Dermatological Solution Development introduces the ingredients which have been developed by Shiseido so far to solve various skin concerns including shape-related concerns and skin tone concerns.

Shiseido has stepped into the field of medicine as one of the measures for achieving consumers’ beauty and health.

Human Science

Scientific study of ‘human emotions and behaviors’

Shiseido deepens researches by using various fields of brain science including how the mind moves/feels and the unconscious mind.

In order to satisfy consumers, it is essential to understand them deeply. Shiseido has been conducting studies and researches on awareness and behaviors of consumers around the world.

Research areas that create new values

We will create innovative, untapped values of beauty by fusing various new technologies such as informatics with the core areas of our cutting-edge R&D.

Examples of research merging life science, human science and informatics


Cosmetronics is a coinage from cosmetics and electronics. At Shiseido, we are exploring ways to create innovative value by integrating cosmetics with the latest digital technologies. We seek to create new and easy beauty practices that enrich the everyday life of our consumers and bring out the real beauty that lies within each person using our own unique perspective, distinct from that of electronic appliances and beauty devices.