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News Release

Release Date: May. 15, 2019

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido “Black and Red” Posters Win Gold at The One Show

Awarded Gold in Design category at world-renowned New York advertising awards ceremony

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) received top awards at The One Show advertising awards ceremony held in New York on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 for its “Black and Red” poster series for SHISEIDO Makeup brand sold in 85 countries and regions around the world. Two gold awards were received for Posters and Photography in the category of Design. In addition, the posters received silver for Art Direction in the category of Print & Outdoor. The One Show is an annual advertising awards show held in New York by the nonprofit organization The One Club founded in 1975, and is celebrated as one of the top three major advertising awards in the world along with Cannes Lions and the Clio Awards. This year marked the 46th anniversary of the show and Shiseido’s fourth consecutive year of wins.

The latest award-winning posters also took bronze in the Photography category at the New York ADC Awards, the world’s oldest advertising awards, which evaluate commercial advertising and design by the same standards as those for fine art.
In addition, the National Museum in Poznan took ownership of the posters for its official collection, together with a series of posters titled “Makeup Tools,” which took gold in the Brand/Communication Design category at the New York ADC Awards in 2018. The posters have been widely acclaimed by various institutions.

Creative Director and Art Director Masaki Hanahara

About the posters

The concept of the product behind “Black and Red” is “Japaneseness,” and its packaging design incorporates a traditional Japanese color scheme with striking jet blacks and deep scarlets. To further increase the visual impact of the posters, high contrast photos were taken with red fills applied to bright areas so that the photographs would be reconstituted in monochromatic black and red. By using minimum elements, we boldly expressed “Japaneseness” in such a way to differentiate the brand from others, and helped establish a unique brand image.

Comments from Award Winners

■Masaki Hanahara, Creative Director, Creative Division of Shiseido
“It’s a great pleasure and honor to receive the acclaim of The One Show, the world’s top awards. In addition, this series of posters will be owned and displayed as part of the official collection of the National Museum in Poznan along with ‘Makeup Tools,’ a series of posters I created last year together with photographer Mr. Ito. I am very pleased that the artistic nature of a Japanese company’s product advertisement could be recognized by an overseas museum. From here on, I would like to continue to create artistic communications that will also appeal to consumers.”

■Shotaro Ito, Photographer, Creative Division of Shiseido
“Since I am involved in the advertising industry, I am very honored by this world-renowned award. It is the first time that the company’s Creative Division has won gold in Photography at The One Show, which has given us self-confidence in the professional field. In addition, the posters were created by the same members as those who won gold at the New York ADC Awards held last year, and I am very glad that I and Creative Director Mr. Hanahara could each win in our respective categories at the same time.”

Creative Director and Art Director: Masaki Hanahara
Photographer: Shotaro Ito


SHISEIDO is the prestige brand and namesake of Shiseido. Makeup, skincare, sun care and fragrance products are offered through the brand, which maximizes the power of each individual consumer to be uniquely beautiful and achieve physical and mental beauty with vital force.
SHISEIDO Makeup was renewed and relaunched in September 2018 with a full color lineup. It is characterized by its light texture, clear and bold color, and long-lasting power.

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