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News Release

Release Date: Jan. 23, 2018

Publisher: Shiseido

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Grand Opening of “SHISEIDO THE STORE” on Friday, January 19, 2018 Shiseido’s Center of Beauty to Serve as the Main Store

SHISEIDO THE GINZA, Shiseido’s center of beauty (located at 7-8-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), had its grand opening on Friday, January 19, 2018, under the new name “SHISEIDO THE STORE” as Shiseido’s main store that embodies “knowledge,” “technology,” “brand value” and “cultural value” that keep evolving supported by many years of research and expertise.

SHISEIDO THE STORE is the only facility that comprehensively offers beauty solutions developed by Shiseido for consumers visiting Ginza from Japan and abroad. One floor has been added to the building to respond to the increasingly diversifying needs of consumers. Not only the sales of cosmetics but also various contents that include esthetic and hair and makeup services, photo shooting services in a studio, beauty care lessons in a private room, café with carefully selected ingredients*1 and beauty care seminars are offered. Beauty care specialists in their respective areas of expertise will offer beauty care solutions to suit diverse lifestyles and occasions from “everyday beauty care problems” to “beauty you want to achieve for a special day” to realize the best beauty for each one of our consumers.
*1: The Café “SHISEIDO THE TABLES” will open on February 1, 2018.

Exterior view of SHISEIDO THE STORE

Beauty Boost Bar & Photo Studio on the 3rd floor

Shiseido's sense of beauty that has been developed in its long history of 145 years since its establishment and the sensitivity of creators who are active in a variety of fields are merged to create a new worldview, which will be transmitted in the form of space designs, staff uniforms, display windows, installations and instore music to enhance consumers’ satisfaction and curiosity to explore beauty.

SHISEIDO THE STORE keeps working to provide, now and in the future, services that excite our consumers in order to create and transmit new values in beauty care that change with the times, taking advantage of its location in Ginza that enjoys a large number of visitors from all over the world.

Overview of the Store
■Date of Opening :Friday, January 19, 2018
■Address :7-8-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
■Phone :+81-3-3571-7735(Main phone number)
■Number of floors :4 (the first to the fourth floors)
■Business hours:11 am – 8 pm
■Regular holiday:None

A group of beauty care specialists

Beauty care specialists in various fields of expertise such as counselling, esthetic service, hair and makeup, photo shooting and beauty care lessons gather together in SHISEIDO THE STORE and make excellent use of their respective knowledge, skills and experience to satisfy the various beauty needs of our consumers. You can get a comprehensive beauty care proposal and experience the best omotenashi in one facility, which is one of the main features of the facility that satisfies ever-diversifying consumer needs.


A new worldview has been produced with the cooperation of creators active in a variety of fields for the consumers visiting the facility from inside and outside Japan to experience the uniqueness of SHISEIDO THE STORE and enjoy the satisfaction of “beauty.”
<Space Design/Mr. Oki Sato Mr. Keita Aono>
“Tradition” and “creation,” the two keywords unique to Shiseido, have been combined to create an original worldview. The silhouette of the Hanatsubaki (Camellia) logo, the symbol of Shiseido, is applied to the mirrors, walls and interior furnishing designs to create a space where the history and prestige of Shiseido can be felt.

<Exterior installation, Mirror image installation on the 1st floor/Artist Mr. Takahiro Matsuo>
■Exterior water installation titled “Water Holography”
Hanatsubaki, the logo of Shiseido, and other patterns appear on the rippled water surface. This is the world’s first installation of water and light. You can enjoy touching the light motifs.
■Mirror image installation on the 1st floor titled “Mirrored Pieces”
This is an eco-friendly installation in which various light objects appear in the mirror. Hanatsubaki and other motifs react to the movement of air in the room and the way they glow and move changes every moment.

<Display windows, Space for specially selected items on the 4th floor/Artist Ms. Mai Miyake>
■Display windows
The first theme is tree. It changes to cherry blossoms, to fire, to soil, to gold and finally to water. The tree to mark the opening of the facility is the symbol of new life. As seen in the case of Tokiwa-matsu (pine tree), Japanese people have loved evergreens, including camellia, the logo of Shiseido, as a symbol of ever-lasting prosperity since ancient times. The display windows feature trees that commonly grow in Japan.
■Space for specially selected items on the 4th floor
In the space for specially selected items, the works drawn by Ms. Mai Miyake, woven by Mr. Jin Shirai who grows and organically dyes Japanese cotton, and dyed by Mr. Shiro Nakano, a wasarasa katazome (Japanese batik stencil dyeing) craftsman, are displayed. Moreover, pochi bukuro (envelopes), letter papers and cards with dog designs, as 2018 is the Year of the Dog, made with karakami paper created in collaboration with Kamisoe, a paper atelier in Kyoto, are displayed for sale.

<Staff costume (uniform)/Designer Mr. Yu Amatsu>
With black as the base color, the design features curved lines. The role of supporting staff who offer hospitality to consumers is expressed elegantly with drapes. The chic colors and gorgeous details create a sense of unity in a modern and dignified space where our consumers appear as beautifully blooming camellia flowers.

<Instore music/Musician Mr. Shuta Hasunuma>
Each sound has its unique space and time; the sounds affect each other and move around in a cycle of generation, degeneration, prosperity and decline: This is the image of the tune. It is an attempt to let music have a quality of space without being conscious of the so-called melody, rhythm and harmony that are the components of Western music. Moreover, the sounds representing each season unfold as gokion (the sounds of the five seasons of Japan). It is a floating tune that gives an impression that the tune changes with the changing of the seasons.

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