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News Release

Release Date: Jan. 29, 2018

Publisher: Shiseido

“Deep Lip Colors” and “Brown Eyeshadows” Add Volume with Makeup!

Autumn/Winter 2017 Makeup Street Trends by Shiseido’s Beauty Trend project team

Shiseido Beauty Creation Center has been engaged in research on beauty trends to forecast future trends in makeup and hair-makeup. As part of its activities, the center conducts on-street survey on makeup and hair-makeup twice a year. The latest survey was conducted from mid- October to early-November 2017 in the areas of Ginza, Shibuya, and Harajuku in Tokyo with 300 females in their 20-30s. Here, the hair & makeup artists from the beauty trends research team explain the makeup and hair-makeup trends in Tokyo street fashion based on the survey results.

*1 Shiseido Beauty Creation Center
With approx. 40 hair & makeup artists, the center focuses on color creation for hair-makeup and makeup products for Shiseido’s promotional advertisement and public relations activities, and also provides backstage support for fashion shows such as Tokyo, New York, and Paris collections, disseminating the latest trends in fashion globally.
*2 Shiseido’s research on beauty trends
Shiseido started its research on beauty trends in 1987, and since then it has been working on beauty and fashion trend analysis to predict the future of beauty. Taking advantage of its in-house hair & makeup artist team, Shiseido takes unique approaches, presenting elaborate makeup and hair-makeup images, keeps one step ahead in forecasting new trends and reflects them into product development and marketing. The research is promoted by 15 members, mostly hair & makeup artists.

Results of On-Street Survey on Autumn/Winter 2017 Hair & Makeup Trends'

Autumn/Winter 2017 Makeup Trends 1
Revealed by Hair & Makeup Artists!

<“Deeper colors” for lips>
In Spring/Summer 2017, bluish red and pink went mainstream, while bluish rose and darker shades became favorites in autumn. A number of Japanese beauty magazines often featured shades of brown and berry colors, which were in trend. This could be because people have fully enjoyed the boom of “red lips” in the last few years and started seeking more varieties to enjoy colorful lip makeup.
There was also a change seen in lipstick application techniques. Girls often blurred lip border lines and enjoyed color gradation before, but now they started to wear lipstick with bold lip border lines in deep rich colors.
Our on-street survey revealed that the majority of the respondents, 82% percent, said their “must have” makeup item is lipstick, suggesting that women are highly conscious of lip makeup.

<More shades of brown for eyes>
Speaking of eye makeup, the survey revealed a tendency of “finishing with an extra touch”. Eyeshadows in brown shades became widely accepted following the trend of reddish eyeshadows in Autumn/Winter 2016 and pink shadows in Spring/Summer 2017. Single shades were most commonly seen, particularly with a sheer finish and natural shading.

Spring/Summer 2017 → Autumn/Winter 2017

Spring/Summer 2017

Autumn/Winter 2017 Makeup Trends 2
Revealed by Hair & Makeup Artists!

<Bigger rounder eyes with curled up eyelashes>
One characteristic feature of eye makeup was eyelashes. Before Spring/Summer 2017, a natural look with little eyelash makeup was preferred. However, more women shifted to curling up eyelashes from the roots to make eyes look bigger and rounder in this season.
This trend suggests a growing number of females want to enjoy eye makeup in addition to lipsticks.

<Shifting to neat, penciled eyebrows>
While bold eyebrows still went strong with their lasting popularity, neat penciled eyebrows, naturally thick and with a clear arch, were more often seen in the streets. Horizontal and oblique eyebrows, which remained popular for a few seasons, may deliver an immature look whereas penciled and arched eyebrows, which became more visible in this season, give an adult-like, sophisticated impression.

<Natural skin tone and healthy complexion>
As for base makeup, sheer matte/natural finish was still in favor as it creates a natural skin look with good coverage. More women applied contouring makeup, which shapes, defines, and highlights, enhancing features in a natural manner.
Meanwhile, natural shades were used for blush and blurred to create a healthy complexion.
With the eye and lip makeup gaining volume, the foundation was applied lightly to create an effortless look.

Spring/Summer 2017

Autumn/Winter 2017

Autumn/Winter 2017 Hair-makeup Trends
Revealed by Hair & Makeup Artists!

<Adult-like look with permed hair>
In terms of length, just like last year, long hair was most favored. Compared to the previous season, semi-long length overtook medium-length, and generally people were seen shifting to longer hair-length.
Permed hair and straight hair both increased. In particular, only 2% of participants had perms in spring/summer 2017, but the number jumped to 13% in only six months. Fewer people had styling such as waves, curled ends, or soft curls, while firm perms with fine waves have increased.
Shifts in makeup volume influenced hair-makeup, marking a shift to new styles. An increase in both straight hair and wave perms could be seen, suggesting women were looking for strong/powerful images.
Hair-makeups with longer side-parted bangs became popular. Many girls combined them with both strong waves and neat straight hair, achieving a well-balanced, adult-like look.

<Natural, darker shades for hair color>
In the survey, 80% of the participants said they dye their hair, almost on par with the figure in the spring/summer survey. Darker shades became more popular in this season, and high-tone colors, which had been often seen until the previous season, were replaced with muted low-tone ones.
This trend may be driven by the increased number of women wearing perms, as bright shades look striking on wavy hair. Thus, natural or darker shades were preferred. Dark natural shades add chic to the styling and have become a new trend.

On-Street Survey (Spring/Summer - Autumn/Winter 2017, Tokyo Hairstyling)

How to Apply Trends
Hair & Makeup Artists Tips!

<“Gradually add on makeup” with a bit of extra>
This season saw a sign of trend shift. Compared to the last few years, “balance” in makeup application has significantly changed. Women used to create relaxed images such as applying full lip makeup with light eye makeup, etc. in the past, but this season, full makeup looks uniquely new with a bit of makeup on every part, namely the eyes, lips and eyebrows. Females have changed their preferences from “gentle,” “cute” and “relaxed/effortless” to “adult-like,” “beautiful” and “mode fashion-inspired,” conveying a powerful image. Step by step, try to add an extra touch on your makeup, reflecting the latest trends.
Setsuko SUZUKI
Leader of Beauty Trend Research Team
Shiseido’s top hair & makeup artist

<Eyeshadows: Eye makeup techniques>
Brown eyeshadow is a key item for eye makeup in this season. Choose sheer natural shades of brown and blend over the entire eyehole with a large brush. Put a black eye liner close to the eyelash roots.
Use an eyelash curler to curl up the eyelashes from the roots and put on mascara to create trendy bigger and rounder eyes.
Beauty Trend Research Team
Shiseido’s top hair & makeup artist

<Hairstyling technique for trendy permed hair>
Medium-length hair with a slightly strong perm looks stylish. If you are not ready to perm, try curling with a hair iron as the first step. I would recommend making strong waves or curls with a small barrel iron. Apply oil-based hair-makeup aid all over the hair and create rough movements with a shiny finish.
Speaking of hair colors, dark shades can instantly create a tredy subdued look.
Beauty Trend Research Team
Shiseido’s top hair & makeup artist

※The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.