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News Release

Release Date: Oct. 27, 2017

Publisher: ShiseidoShiseido Japan

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A Double Win for MAJOLICA MAJORCA at “Spikes Asia 2017,” Asia’s Creative Communications Festival

Web Video Wins Silver, Digital Signage Wins Bronze

MAJOLICA MAJORCA, Shiseido’s self-selection makeup brand, received two awards – Silver Spike in the Film Craft category and Bronze Spike in the Digital category at the Spikes Asia Awards 2017, held in Singapore from Wednesday, September 27 to Friday, September 29. The web video, “COSMETIC RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE: Makeup is a Story,” won the Silver Spike. The digital signage “MAJOLICA MUSEUM,” executed within Tokyo Metro Subway station premises, won Bronze Spike.

Web video: “COSMETIC RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE: Makeup is a Story”

Digital signage: “MAJOLICA MUSEUM”

About the web video, “COSMETIC RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE: Makeup is a Story”

The “COSMETIC RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE: Makeup is a Story” is a magical video that draws out a girl’s Kawaii (cuteness) just by looking. The door to Kawaii opens with 117 products of the self-selection makeup brand MAJOLICA MAJORCA adorning the Rube Goldberg machine. This machine, consisting of a complex combination of MAJOLICA MAJORCA products, reveals makeup items one after another as it operates, casting a magic spell and transforming the quiet, introverted girl, played by model and actress Tina Tamashiro, into a captivating beauty. The video is created with an ethereal yet charming worldview. By turning on the YouTube subtitle function, the viewer can learn about the secrets to becoming Kawaii.


About the digital signage “MAJOLICA MUSEUM”

Using 3-D trick art and digital signage, the MAJOLICA MUSEUM transit advertising created an illusory effect as if an enchanted, magical museum of Kawaii had emerged in an everyday train station. It was executed for 1 week within the premises of the Tokyo Metro Subway Shinjuku Station in February 2017, creating a place for our target audience to encounter MAJOLICA MAJORCA.

Winner’s comment: MAJOLICA MAJORCA brand manager, Moe Asakura

We are greatly honored to receive this distinguished award. Our aim was to communicate the appeal of MAJOLICA MAJORCA, which offers the fun and excitement of encountering Kawaii in new, magical ways. We are truly grateful to everyone involved, and remain committed to taking on various challenges to make makeup an enjoyable, enriching experience.

About “Spikes Asia 2017”

Together with Eurobest and Dubai Lynx, Spikes Asia is a Cannes Lions regional event held every year in September in Singapore. It is Asia’s largest communications festival, and like Cannes Lions, features a wide variety of seminars and workshops offering great programs for study.

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