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Healing with hand care and touch therapy


Date of activity 2016/09/03
Name of Shiseido Affiliate Corporate Social Responsibility Department
Report Okuzawa
Area Japan Tokyo

The CSR Department is promoting ”hand care” and ”touch therapy,” providing relief to people by gently massaging their hands or backs.

On September 3 and 4, we had the opportunity to perform these activities at a charity walk event Relay for Life, which supports the fight against cancer.
During the two days, 14 employees from the CSR Department committed wholeheartedly to provide gentle soothing massage for 90 cancer fighters, survivors and their family members, exhausted by 24–hour walk throughout the night.

They looked relaxed, mentally and physically, some falling asleep and others with tears in their eyes. It was a very emotional and fulfilling time for us as well.

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