Mirai tsubaki Activity

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Mirai Tsubaki Activity

「Mirai Tubaki Activity」is a series of social contribution activities that we have been promoting since 2012 with the aim of returning the sense of gratitude to consumers and people in the community who support Shiseido’s development.

In affiliates of the Shiseido Group throughout the world, employees voluntarily plan and continuously promote these activities with the theme of creating beauty. We will cooperate with one another to promote these activities with the hopes of making contributions to others, and deepen exchanges with local communities. Furthermore, by utilizing the expansion of perspectives and the sense of fulfillment and achievement gained through these activities, we will promote our initiative of “We create beauty ,we create wellness”, which is Shiseido’s mission, with a refreshed view.

Promoted by all affiliates of Shiseido 130 Shiseido Affiliates in the world(As of December, 2016)/Cumulative total number of activities 1,145(As of December, 2016)

Examples of the activities