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Acknowledging diversity
is not enough.

We will go a step further
and embrace different values,
blend them,
and create new values
one after another.

And we will promote
beauty innovations
for a better world.


On April 8th,
we celebrate the 146th anniversary
of our foundation.

From this day onward,
this message will be
at the heart of everything
we do as we deliver beauty
to the world.

    Imagine if everyone was the same.
    Looked the same. Thought the same way.
    Shared the same experiences.
    There would be no discrimination.
    No prejudice.
    No conflict.
    But there would be no one
    to make you laugh.
    No one to make you smile.
    No one to provoke you,
    challenge you or change you.
    And there would be no one
    to make your heart beat faster.
    That is the beauty in our world:
    the differences.
    In Japan, we have always tried
    to respect the differences.
    Understanding and absorbing
    them whenever possible.
    Blending them to create
    new values and new innovations.
    Today, on April 8th,
    we celebrate the
    foundation of Shiseido.
    In honor, we must continue to respect
    the differences in those around us.
    Love them. Nurture them.
    And love them even more.
    Because when we embrace different
    values and new technologies,
    beauty has the power to change the world.

    Beauty innovations for a better world.