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Message from CEO

To Be a Global Winner with Our Heritage
Masahiko UOTANI President and Group CEO VISION 2020 GOAL

In pursuit of our mission, to “inspire a life of beauty and culture”, Shiseido Group aims to continuously support all stakeholders both today and 100 years into the future. To that end, we are committed to the achievement of our medium-to-long term strategy, VISION 2020, with a target of reaching over 1 trillion yen in net sales and more than 100 billion yen in operating income, in order to “be a global winner with our heritage”.

To Realize VISION 2020

At its inception in FY2015, VISION2020 dedicated the first three years of the strategy to a period of rebuilding our business foundation. We concentrated our efforts on reinforcing our global business infrastructure, enhancing our brand value by increasing investment in marketing and innovation, strengthening our brand portfolio through brand acquisitions, and advancing structural reforms that will enable us to fund future investment.

Furthermore, FY2017 is the final year of the initial phase of VISION2020 and thus a critical point in setting our business on a growth trajectory. With “Think global, Act local” as our motto, we aim at a stronger presence of prestige brands across the globe and at home, accelerating the growth of brands originating from Japan, and enhancing digital marketing and E-commerce. Through these and other initiatives, we will fully demonstrate our competencies in each region and brand, as we further drive productivity.

To Realize a Sustainable Society Together

To ensure truly sustainable growth, we constantly strive to be a needed and trusted corporate entity, favored by society and consumers worldwide. We make sure to take a consumer-centric approach by continuously providing new value through new products and services that surpass consumers’ expectations while benefiting society in a variety of tangible and intangible ways, even in areas beyond our direct business. Under the new matrix organizational structure, which became fully operational in 2016, we will accelerate the development of our employees who are at the source of our value creation and growth as a company.

We appreciate your continued support on our endeavors to be a global winner with our heritage.

Masahiko Uotani

Masahiko UOTANI
President and CEO

March 2017

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