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IR E-Mail Newsletter Service


You will receive updated information on Investors by e-mail.

Please register an address in the form below to which the e-mail should be sent.
(It may be several days before you receive the first e-mail.)

Items marked with (*) are required.

Recipient of e-mail
Name (*)

(Ex. : hanako@shiseido.co.jp)

Please enter your e-mail address again manually for confirmation.

[Note] E-mail addresses for mobile phones cannot be used.

  • [Note]Information provided by you will be used exclusively for purposes of providing you with information on Shiseido's Investor Relation. For further information on the handling of your personal information, please refer to Shiseido's Website Privacy Policy(*japanese only) or Policy on Protection of Personal Information(*japanese only). suspending service or change registration Toppage

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