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Robin Rhode

In Untitled, YoYo (2005), a series of photographs captures Rhode himself giving a lively performance in which he seems to be actually playing with a toy yo-yo that has been drawn on a wall in chalk. In this and other examples, Rhode's work has been characterized by his embrace of the expressive techniques of youthful "street culture," including the use of graffiti, drawing, performance, and music in photographic and video-media pieces full of playfulness.
After garnering considerable attention at La Biennale di Venezia in Venice, Italy in 2005, Rhode made his debut in Japan at the Yokohoma Triennial. Also in 2005, his work, recognized for its particularly fresh contributions to the development of photographic art, was selected for inclusion in that year's New Photography exhibit, held annually since 1985 by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York. With such achievements, Rhode's continues to flourish as one of today's most remarkable and noticed young artists.

Lacking canvas and paints, the artist can fall back on the street and chalk.... Lacking a bicycle, he can always draw one and imagine riding it.... Such sentiments — that the imagination offers up rich freedom of creativity and expression in the midst of everyday life — are conveyed strongly in the work of Robin Rhode. Within the smile-inducing humor and nostalgia of Rhode's works, we can glimpse a sensitivity, undoubtedly born of his personal experience growing up as a person of color in segregated South Africa, to deeper issues such as human freedom, dignity, and territoriality. His message now, however, has sublimated into a more universal embrace of freedom that extends its perspective beyond South Africa to a wider world.

The Shiseido Gallery's Robin Rhode will offer the first opportunity in Japan to enjoy a multidimensional perspective on Rhode's work that reflects both what he has done so far and some of the directions his work may take in the future. Featured works will include a photo series Untitled, YoYo mentioned above, a digital animation piece New Kids on the Bike (2002) that earned Rhode such wide attention at La Biennale di Venezia, White Walls (2002), and a document video of his live performance in the Shiseido Gallery exhibition space. With such a variety of works from the past and present on display, the exhibition is sure to give an important glimpse into the diverse artistic world of Robin Rhode.

Robin Rhode, the catalogue accompanying the exhibition, is available now. Please contact the gallery office for details.

Exhibition Details for Robin Rhode

Dates: June 6th Through July 30th, 2006
Location: Shiseido Gallery (Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Bldg., B1)
8-8-3, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Tel: 03-3572-3901 Fax: 03-3572-3951
Hours: Weekdays 11:00 - 19:00
Sundays & Holidays 11:00 - 18:00
Closed on Mondays
Admission: Free

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