Past Exhibition


After being selected to exhibit at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's public exhibition “Tokyo Wonder Wall 2000” Ohmaki has been actively holding ambitious solo exhibitions, receiving much attention for his works “ECHO” (Tokyo Wonder Site in 2002), “MUGEN” (Gallery NAF in 2002) and “MUGEN -Field- (Gallery K in 2004). The group exhibition “Out of the Blue”(Tokyo Wonder Site) in which he participated in 2003, proved to be so popular, their exhibition period was extended a number of times and Ohmaki's dynamic installation won wide acclaim.

In this exhibition, Ohmaki embarks with increased vigor on new artwork that surpasses the scale of “ECHO” he did in 2002. The floor of the art gallery will be carpeted with felt cloth, onto which Ohmaki paints colorful flowers pouring various pigments. The technique is the same as with “ECHO” but, whereas he allowed the spectators of “ECHO” to step on the flower designs, leaving the outlines of the drawings to gradually fade away, the felt cloth and the pigments have been revised this time so that, after the pigments sink in, he will be able to draw fresh flowers on the felt again. During the exhibition period, workshops will be held (reservation needed) allowing participants to pour out the pigments, and the flowers will be brought back to life again and again. Also, at the small exhibition room in the back, the flower designs will be covered with an acrylic coat to keep the fresh and vibrant. While his former work “ECHO” expressed the flow of irreversible time, this exhibition expresses life that is regenerated over and over again, a life that continues on forever.

The exhibition has one more highlight. A translucent cloth is put up in the middle of the exhibition space to partition the art gallery into two layers, upper and lower. Since the space if partitioned by the cloth, going halfway up from the stairwell, all you can see is the upper layer which is a white space overflowing with white fluorescent light. Then as you go down the stairs to the ground floor, you will find a sea of flowers stretching before you. Experience the sensation of just landing on the earth from Heaven.
This is how Ohmaki transforms the exhibition space into an illusory and extraordinary space that stimulates the senses of the visitor, to a space open to all kinds of allegorical interpretations are possible.

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