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Sadakane (Born in Tokyo, lives in Düsseldorf, Germany) draws in minute detail on square sheets of paper, wooden panels or sheets of steel, mainly using pencils. Sadakane says, “pursuing a mathematical sort of beauty which results in a poetic work, albeit the mathematical calculation required to produce it, is my ideal.” On this occasion, she will present new works that are also minimal and systematic.


Sato (Born in Tokyo, lives in Tokyo) has continued to paste glossy, colored tape in lattice-like formats, but in recent years, he has begun to paint colors by hand in grid pattern with meticulous care. In this exhibition he will present a new work of this sort, which will be three colors of acrylic urethane painted on wooden panel. Additionally, he will embark on a new type of work that will create a deceptive, illusory effect of light and color.


In recent years, Park (Born in Kwangju, lives in Vancouver, Canada) is making large-scale works that is comprised of ten thousand 35mm photographs capturing the same motif displayed in a grid of 100 x 100 photos. He will present two new works that are accumulations of photographs of trees aligning the streets of Tokyo and Seoul.

These three artists, though different in age, places of activity, production style, and their take on space, share a common ground of presenting simple and minimal units that are stoically selected, which create a visual space of maximum effect that is expansive and full of impact, when amassed together.

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