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Roman Signer Resent Works

The Shiseido Gallery will host a solo show of the Swiss Artist, Roman Signer, focusing on some of the most recent works created during his long career.

Roman Signer has participated in major international exhibitions including the 1999 Venice Biennale and the 1997 Münster Sculpture Project. The Shiseido show will however, be his first show in Japan, and in fact, his first show in Asia.

Signer's works are infused with a humorous, yet mysterious air. For example, the work "Moonflight" is an installation that includes a large, circular map of the moon placed flat on the floor. On top of it is a model helicopter. Projected onto the adjacent wall is a bird's-eye view over the surface of the moon. What is one to make out of these seemingly unrelated elements? Upon a closer look, one will realize that the helicopter carries a small spy-camera and so as the helicopter slowly hovers over the moon-map, it records small areas of the moon.

Or take for example, a kayak abandoned in the corner of the gallery, which has a hole in the bottom. This kayak, we learn, was "driven" by Signer, not on water, but directly on a bumpy road as it was pulled along by a high-speed van. The hole is the obvious and hilarious end result, which Signer has chosen to bring into the gallery space.

In such ways, Signer creates his works with bizarre actions that invite viewers into an out-of-the-world experience. Signer prefers however, to conceal the process by which he came to his end products. The viewer therefore, is left to enjoy the exercise of conjoining the mysterious and sporadic elements together.

In addition to these witty works, a humorous video work titled "Falling Buckets" will premier on this occasion. It is a rare kind of work that reveals the hilarious process by which Signer has created his work.

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