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Past Special Exhibitions

Shiseido’s designs – A challenge to create new values –

Shiseido’s designs
– A challenge to create new values –

January 5 (Fri), to July 1 (Sun), 2018

Shiseido’s designs, which started with primitive depictions for advertisement purposes soon after the foundation of the company, were refined by top creators who gathered in the Design Department set up by Shinzo Fukuhara, the first president of Shiseido. Subsequently, the designs based on art nouveau and art deco styles were further refined and developed by Ayao Yamana, a graphic designer, and the delicate and graceful Shiseido Style was perfected.

On the other hand, starting in the 1960s, against the background of the changes of the times, various attempts were made to create new depictions that exceed the traditional “Shiseido Style.” These new challenges were sometimes called “Anti-Shiseido Style,” which gave a fresh surprise to customers and society, and at the same time, helped broaden the scope of new value creation.

This special exhibition showed you how Shiseido’s challenge to design and energy to innovate have helped make Shiseido’s tradition richer and create new values by displaying specific advertisement and promotional materials.