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About Us

Our Values

Our Values defines the values that must be held and shared by each and every employee of the Shiseido Group aiming to realize Our Mission. Our Values sets the values we should keep in mind when we conduct business.

Our Values:In Heritage,Excellence/In Diversity,Strength/In Innovation,Growth

In Heritage, Excellence

We do not simply provide products or services; our mission is to deliver to our customers the best things for beauty and wellness that enrich their minds and lives.

However, we have not just pursued fads, nor have we simply preserved traditions.

We have re-polished and remixed the great heritage we have built up so far with a new essence added and to create values that are unique to the Shiseido Group.

The tradition of continuous innovation while honoring our origins is the source of the Shiseido Group's creation of “Excellence.”

In Diversity, Strength

The Shiseido Group's customers, business partners, suppliers, shareholders, and employees are spread throughout the world.

The importance of disciplining oneself and respecting others, in order to build richer relationships with stakeholders, is inherent in these words.

By embracing diversity, and working and learning together with colleagues who have different values and various abilities, we are establishing diversity-savvy organizations that will provide an effective environment for innovation and the creation of new values.

In opening the path toward a future, our diversity is a source of strength for the Shiseido Group to be flexible in responding to consumers and to changes in the business environment.

In Innovation, Growth

We have always strived not only to meet our consumer expectations, but also to go beyond.

However, competition at the global level has become increasingly intense, with consumer expectations for beauty soaring to new heights. In this kind of business environment we should not rely too much on our past success, but bravely face the challenges that lie ahead, and implement innovation for advancement.

Innovation with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm will be the source of growth for the Shiseido Group.

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