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About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission defines our corporate mission—how the Group can be of use to society—and business domains. It sets our raison d'être, which is core to the Group.

Our Mission:We cultivate relationships with people. We appreciate genuine,meaningful values.We inspire a life of beauty,and culture.

We cultivate relationships with people

The Shiseido Group exists in harmony with society. We are privileged to meet and “cultivate relationships” with various people, including customers, business partners, and suppliers.

Of course, in the Shiseido Group, we have employees of diverse cultures and differing values. We interact with each other accepting each other's differences, exchanging ideas and wisdom, and engaging in mutual learning processes. This is what to “cultivate relationships” is all about.

We appreciate genuine, meaningful values

The Shiseido Group has always continued to work on creating values. Creating values does not mean following temporary fads or superficial beauty, or looking for short-term profit. It means discovering universal values on our own.

The values we create are not, therefore, just something new, but taken from the Shiseido Group's very origins and predecessors--they are sometimes refined and remixed over years. This is what the “genuine, meaningful values” are all about.

The values are sublimely passed to the next generation, eventually to be distilled into tradition. Our continuing challenge is to create the next page of our history.

We inspire a life of beauty and culture.

Everyone has a fundamental desire to be beautiful. Beauty can encourage people and at the same time give them joie de vivre and confidence.

The beauty lies not only in appearance but also in heart, manner, and lifestyle. It is passed down through generations and accumulated to a life of beauty and culture.

With respect for people’s yearning for beauty, our continuing mission is to inspire a life of beauty and culture for people throughout the world.

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