Skin Care for Babies - Skin care starting at the age of 0 -

How to take care of a baby’s skin

How to take care of a baby’s skin

All that skin care does is moisturize?

Skin care is not only about moisturizing. It starts with cleansing.
When going outside, take precautions against ultraviolet rays, too

  • Skin care has the following three roles
  • Skin care has the following three roles: (1) keeps the skin clean (cleansing), (2) moisturizes the skin (moisturizing), and (3) protects the body from damage caused by UV rays (UV protection).

    While the retention of moisture is important for the skin, it is also critical to keep the skin clean and protect the body from ultraviolet rays. These are the three points indispensable for effective, gentle baby skin care.

    Daily skin care is the key to healthy baby skin.

What steps should I follow for cleansing?

Work up a rich lather, wash the body thoroughly with it, and then rinse and dry well

  1. 1Select an appropriate skin cleansing agent

    ・Select a mild cleansing agent that is best for your baby’s skin. ・Get the cleansing agent to foam thoroughly. You may select a foaming type cleanser or use a foaming net.

  2. 2Wash your baby’s body gently

    ・Wash your baby’s body with your hands. Put foam over the body and use your palms and finger pads to gently wash your baby. ・Don’t forget to clean between those little creases and skin folds, behind the ears, and between fingers.

    Wash your baby’s body gently
  3. 3Rinse off thoroughly

    ・Use a shower to rinse off thoroughly, including between the creases and skin folds. ・Since cleansing agent residue will lead to skin irritation, be sure to rinse off completely.

    Rinse off thoroughly
  4. 4Dry your baby well

    ・Do not rub, simply pat dry with a soft towel. ・Remember to completely dry between the creases and skin folds where excessive moisture tends to stay.

    Dry your baby well

What steps should I follow for moisturizing?

Apply a moisturizer generously over the entire body

  1. 1Select the right moisturizer

    ・There are many types of moisturizers, such as petroleum jelly, emulsions, and lotions. Be sure to select the moisturizer that is best for your baby’s skin. ・Moisturize your baby’s skin not only during the dry season, but throughout the year. ・Change the type of moisturizer you use depending on the season, such as emulsions and creams in drier periods and emulsions and lotions when it’s humid. Your baby will be happy!

    Select the right moisturizer
  2. 2Moisturizing Timing

    ・We recommend that you moisturize your baby two to three times a day, after bathing and when changing clothes. ・Find the best way that fits your lifestyle. If you are still concerned about your baby’s skin, apply moisturizer more often.

    Moisturizing Timing
  3. 3Apply moisturizer generously

    ・Apply moisturizer by body part, such as the face, belly, and limbs. ・Put some moisturizer on areas where you would like to apply it and then smooth and spread it with your palms. ・Apply it until your baby’s skin becomes moist. ・Don’t forget to apply it to the neck, ears, armpits, wrists, behind the knees, and inside the skin creases at the ankles.

    Apply moisturizer generously

What should I focus on to protect my baby’s skin from ultraviolet rays?

Avoid the strong sun and use sunscreen as needed

  1. 1Take basic precautions

    ・Try not to stay outside for long periods, particularly from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on sunny days when ultraviolet rays are especially strong. ・Watch out not only for direct sunshine, but also for sunlight reflected from the ground, water or snow surface. ・Put a hat on your baby and select clothes that cover as much of the skin as possible. ・When going or playing outside, select shaded areas as much as possible.

    Take basic precautions
  2. 2Apply sunscreen

    ・Apply baby sunscreen on an as-needed basis. ・Reapply it every two to three hours. ・When applying it to your baby’s face, first put some on both cheeks, the forehead, the tip of the nose, and the chin, and then spread it gently. ・When applying it over a wide area, such as an arm or a leg, draw a line with sunscreen and spread it in a circular pattern. ・Consult a doctor before using sunscreen if your baby has eczema.

    Apply sunscreen
  3. 3Rinse off sunscreen

    ・Use a cleansing agent to thoroughly rinse off sunscreen. ・After rinsing, pat your baby completely dry.

    Rinse off sunscreen

Are there other tips that I should keep in mind?

Close attention is also an indispensable part of baby skin care

  1. 1Boost the parent-baby bond through skin care

    It may be not so easy to take care of your baby’s skin every day. However, it serves as a valuable time where you can have direct physical contact with your baby. Talk to your baby while touching him/her gently for skin care.

  2. 2Trim finger nails and hair

    Sharp nails may hurt your baby’s skin. Trim your and your baby’s nails frequently.

    Moreover, hair may irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Fix your baby’s hair not to touch his/her skin or protect with some clothes.

  3. 3Select appropriate clothes and watch out when undressing

    Select clothes made from cotton or materials that do not irritate your baby’s skin. Since tags and seams could cause skin irritation, check those, too when selecting baby clothes.

    If the neckline is too tight, it may touch the earlobes when undressing your baby, causing skin irritation. To avoid that, stretch the neckline when undressing your baby.