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Hanatsubaki Award for Contemporary Poetry

Shiseido has been active in supporting artistic culture, including the Shiseido Gallery, for a long time. Hanatsubaki Award for Contemporary Poetry was established in 1983 with the aim of “heightening the power of words to communicate beauty.”
We have continued this activity in hopes of rediscovering the power that words rightfully possess and contribute to creating rich society filled with expressiveness and imagination through our support for those involved with contemporary poetry and poetry composition, as aliteracy and disorder of the Japanese language have become concerns in the modern days.

The selection year starts on September 1 of the previous year and ends on August 31 of the current year. The award is presented to the most outstanding collection of poetry published during the year. 4 members of the selection committee select the recipient each year. The appointment period is 4 years, and one member is changed every year.

Special perfume bottle presented to the recipient

Special perfume bottle presented to the recipient

The late Mr. Sakon So (poet, critic, French literature scholar, and translator), from whom we received great support in establishing the award, spoke of his passion toward the Hanatsubaki Award for Contemporary Poetry: “I want to take the stance where makeup is poetry, just as fashion. Shiseido’s work is about daily lives yet it also goes beyond daily lives. It is to change reality into fairy tales. A type of magic. So it’s same as poetry.”

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