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About Shiseido’s Corporate Cultural Activities

Basic Policies

Shiseido considers corporate culture to be an important management asset and perceives corporate cultural activities as part of activities to realize our Corporate Mission to “inspire a life of beauty and culture”.
We accumulate corporate culture that we have cultivated and re-edit and continually communicate it within and outside of the company. And we simultaneously make contributions to society through our support for artistic culture and return new values, it offers to the company. We will promote the following activities based on these two basic policies.

Activity Overview

Shiseido Corporate Museum

Shiseido Corporate Museum (Kakegawa, Shizuoka), which was established in 1992, accumulates, edits, and communicates corporate culture. It collects and stores over 100,000 materials, in an integrated manner such as product packaging, posters, CM, and literatures on Ginza, etc. that have been produced from the time of the company’s founding to the present, and displays part of the materials.

Shiseido Gallery/Shiseido Art House Artistic culture/Support Activities

Shiseido’s Mécénat* activities (artistic culture support activities) began with the Shiseido Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo), which was opened in 1919 with the aim of supporting up-and-coming artists that lead the next generation. Shiseido Gallery still proactively introduces contemporary expressions that are avant-garde and pure at the same time. Shiseido collects part of the paintings, sculptures, and craft works which have been displayed in Shiseido Gallery’s exhibitions and stores and displays them to the general public at the Shiseido Art House (Kakegawa, Shizuoka), which was opened in 1978. Shiseido also offers support for various contemporary expressive activities, such as contemporary art, drama, dance, etc.

“Hanatsubaki”/ Hanatsubaki Award for Contemporary Poetry

“Hanatsubaki” magazine, which was first issued in 1937, continues to communicate highly-sensitive information that goes ahead of the times as Shiseido’s corporate culture magazine.
In 1983, Shiseido established the Hanatsubaki Award for Contemporary Poetry that focuses on and supports the field of poetry, the most artistic among literary genres.
This award has been making contributions to the development of print culture.


“Mécénat” is a French term that means artistic culture support. Its etymology goes far back in history. In the time of the Roman Emperor Augustus, there was an advisor called “Maecenas”, who was a great patron of poets and artists. Thus, the term “Mécénat” later came to be used to describe “patronage and support for artistic culture”.

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