Lacquerware, paper, sake, japanese swords, fude...
The ancient traditions of Japan's beautiful craftwork are carried on by new generations of artisans.

Their skilled hands, passion, and souls are, we believe,
the origin of Shiseido's quest to inspire a life of beauty and culture—
a story that began over 140 years ago in Tokyo's Ginza district.

Now we embark upon a journey to
rediscover the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship.

In Search of a New Red

Potter Yasokichi Tokuda IV
Shiseido Chief Color Coordinator Miyoko Aizawa

Groomed by her father, a Living Treasure,
Yasokichi Tokuda IV's unique use of colors has received worldwide acclaim;
Miyoko Aizawa is responsible for coloring of 95% of Shiseido's lipstick products.
When these two lovers of color met and talked, they noticed they had a lot in common.


Harmonious Fusion

Fudemaker Yasuhiro Sanemori
Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist Miyako Okamoto

Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist Miyako Okamoto visits Yasuhiro Sanemori,
a Fudemaker famed for handcrafting custom-made fude for calligraphers across Japan.
The skill with which he meticulously fashions natural animal hair
into fine fude is a breathtaking spectacle.


Tradition & Innovation

Swordsmith Yoshikazu Yoshihara
Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist Tadashi Harada

Largely unchanged for over 900 years,
swords continue to have a special place in the Japanese soul.
Tadashi Harada, Top Hair & Makeup Artist at Shiseido,
pays a visit to Japan’s greatest active swordsmith.